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Saturday, 5 June 2010

The Lancashire Council of Mosques on the Aid Hamas Flotilla

Let’s see what the Muslims of Preston think about the flotilla incident the other day. I wonder if they will be more understanding of the Israeli actions and why they did what they did. I also wonder if pigs can fly in Preston.

The Lancashire Council of Mosques has condemned the Israeli ‘attack’ (i.e., act of defence) on the ‘peace activists’ (mainly violent Islamists and Trots) who were delivering ‘supplies to the Gaza strip’ (to Hamas). Well, that’s a surprise - a Muslim organisation condemning Israel. What’s new? That’s all that Muslim organisations do, isn’t it, condemn Israel? Muslims have been condemning the Jews for 1,500 years. They're not going to break that nasty habit overnight.

And when are these Muslim organisations in the UK, such as the Lancashire Council of Mosques, going to start being concerned about issues which don’t just concern Muslims? Which don’t just concern Palestinian Muslims? In other words, when are these Islamic organisations and Muslims going to become British citizens who are proud of being British as well as proud of being Muslim and anti-Zionist? They can’t though. They can never be proud of Britain and being British until Britain is Allah’s. Until that day, to put it simply, they must be the enemies of Britain because Britain is Dar al-Harb – the Abode of War. It is not yet the Dar al-Islam – the Abode of Islam (though Manningham in Bradford and the Tower Hamlets are pretty much Dar al-Islam).

The Lancashire Council of Mosques has said that the ships were carrying only cement, wheelchairs, paper and water purification systems. No doubt it was carrying these things. If they had only carried weaponry, then that would have been a bit too obvious and counter-productive, wouldn’t it? Best to hide the weaponry amongst the cements and water purification systems. Is this paranoia? Well no. The Israelis have discovered numerous shipments of weaponry heading to Gaza from precisely the same sea routes.

How does the Lancashire Council of Mosques know that the flotilla was only carrying these lovely things? The inquiry hasn’t even begun yet. Oh yes. They know this because Viva Palestina and other Islamist and Trot organisations have told them that this is what the flotilla was carrying. And why should we doubt the word of Trots and Islamist organisations?

Councillor Salim Mulla (nice surname) of Preston has said:

‘Lancashire Council of Mosques is in urgent talks about a meeting between local imams and community leaders, to call for condemnation.’

Oh yes. I’m sure that in the grand scheme of things the input of Preston imams and Preston community leaders is of vital importance. I’m sure that nothing will be achieved in Palestine and Israel until Preston Community Leaders have had their say on these matters.

What the hell are Community Leaders? Do non-Muslims have community leaders or only Muslims? And why is an elected Preston councillor, Salim Mulla, talking at all about the importance and relevance of non-elected Preston imams and community leaders? Why should non-Muslims - and Muslims! - give a shit about what these non-elected imams and self-styled Community Leaders say on anything –even on the cost of sliced bread?

This Preston Muslim councillor has also called for the ‘condemning of this fresh act of violence’. I wonder if he also condemned the ‘fresh act of violence’ of Sunni Muslims last week when they massacred ten times more people than were killed by the Israelis the other day. I wonder if he has ever spoken about the fresh acts of violence against Christian Copts in Egypt, Christians and animists in the Sudan, Christians in Pakistan, Christians in Nigeria and so on. Somehow, I very much doubt it. Like the Preston imams and Community Leaders, I would think that Muslim life is far more precious to him. After all, he is a ‘Muslim councillor’, not a councillor who happens to be a Muslim. He knows what is job is and what his Islamic priorities are.

The Lancashire Council of Mosques also gives the compulsory references to ‘international law’ and the United Nations. It tells us that the UN Security Council has issued a statement calling for an impartial inquiry into Israel’s actions. ‘Impartial inquiry’? Does that mean an inquiry carried out by the Security Council itself? Since when has the UN Security Council been ‘impartial’ – most of all when it comes to Israel? This organisation discusses Israel at least once before every breakfast. It has been absolutely monomaniacal about Israel. It has discussed Israel infinitely more times than it has discussed the mass carnage of the Islamic Jangaweed in the Sudan, the terrors of the Congo, and so on. Come on. Get real.

This is an organisation which is jam-packed with Islamists and other Muslim loons. This is the same United Nations which includes the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, which itself includes 57 Islamic/Muslim states, which is the largest bloc on the UN Human Rights Council. Yes, you heard right. An Islamic organisation is the biggest part of the Human Rights Council!

Let me tell you something else about the UN. Unlike any other refugees, the Palestinians are treated to a separate UN agency and a separate mission. It is called the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). The Sudanese refugees, or indeed refugees anywhere else in world, do not have their own agency, as the poor Palestinians do. Then again, Palestinian suffering is special and unique. It is so because leftists and Islamists keep on telling us it is so. And we believe them. Finally, there was the well-known ‘anti-racist’ conference, ‘Zionism is Racism’, of 1975, held by the UN in which Israeli’s racism was taken as a given.

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