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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Has the EDL Been Hoodwinked by Zionists?

- by UK4ever (Jon)

"As I've many friends who will not attend another rally i feel forced to write this:

Does anyone else see the irony of EDL supporters carrying isreal flags and openly supporting zionism? Is that irony really lost on them? A people being moved from their ancestoral land (into enclaves) by intollerant ethnic and religious extremists... Ringing any bells yet? no? then read on

OK ok... you can fly a flag to anger muslims, you can even do it because you believe yourself informed enough to have that point of view; And maybe because you don't want to be called a 'nazi' or 'fascist' (as supporting jews must show everyone that it's otherwise, right?). I don't say this lightly, but, they (zionists) make us all look ignorant. As though we know no better, being reactionary rather than having our own message; But the message is simple..

NO nazis NO fascists NO bnp NO communists NO socialist NO political infiltrators & NO NO NO zionists.. Just English people showing national identity and pride.

Now a personal message, with a personal opinion, directly to the flag wavers "Wave those dumb zionist flags and placards at your own rally. Not at an EDL rally for England and the UK. Alternatively, as i would say to British muslim wishing to fly any of his flags, anti social and repellent behavior may be done in the privacy of your own home. NOT in our own streets and community."

Which ever side of the fence you sit, open support for zionism keeps many supporters away and is not part of the EDL movement in any way. We all need to stand together to stop the momentum of the EDL being infiltrated for other political beliefs. Duplicity and/or ambiguous messages are just dividing tools for some, and will be used as ammunition by people who don't share our beliefs in, the exisence of, an English people with a shared English culture and heritage.
DO NOT force people to be associated with other beliefs, which i assure you, we would hardly share with you otherwise."

*) Reply

The fact that many EDL members are supporting Israel may be because the state is surrounded by genocidal Islamists and Muslims intent on exterminating Israel, as well as the Jews, in the most perfect act of jihad which could possibly happen. See any connections or relevance here, Jon? This will be the case for England if we don’t stop listening to the leftist and anti-Zionist propaganda which you seemed to have swallowed in full. Don’t you at least think that the EDL can learn many lessons from the Israel-Palestine situation?

I have no special love for Israel, no more than I have for southern Sudan or the Pakistani Christians. However, I do have a special interest in the monomania far leftists, far rightists and Muslims have with Jews and Israel, which I take to be psychologically disturbing.

I’ve no particular interest in going over the history of 1947 And All That. Many Jews say the best way you can spot an anti-Semite is that they know more about Israel/Palestine history and Jewish theology than most Jews. The fact remains: even if the anti-Zionists are correct about ‘the ancestral home’ of the Palestinians, there are still 10 million Jews in Israel today! What would you do about them? Hamas does not accept a two-state solution. As for a single ‘bi-national’ solution plus ‘the right of return’, that would result in the end of the Jewish people and their homeland. So, again, what would you do about the Jews and Israelis, ten million of them, who are in Israel now – not in 1947 or 1847?

Things would indeed have been terrible if your version of history were correct. Palestine was not their ‘ancestral home’ at all. Firstly, as everyone knows, there was no such nation as Palestine in 1947 and before. Secondly, the vast majority of Palestinians in that area were nomadic in nature. (And no; I am not saying it was an ‘empty desert’ either!) This means that very many of the Palestinians who were there, when the most recent Jews started arriving, had only been there for a very short time, as little as two years in some cases.

As for the ‘intolerant ethnic and religious extremists’. Most Jews there at that time were not particularly religious. Many were atheists. Not only that, most Palestinians left the area at the behest of Arab leaders at the time. They did so because they then invaded Israel. They believed that they would win the war and thus the Palestinians could return to their homes. This did not happen.

You say you are not an anti-Semite or leftist. So why are you using their lexicon and even their phrases, such as ‘intolerant ethnic and religious extremists’ and ‘Zionists’ when you mean ‘Jews’ or even ‘Israelis’?

What do you mean by ‘the Zionists make us all look ignorant’? Does that mean that the EDL has ‘false consciousness’ or that a Zionist cabal has infiltrated the EDL? And you say you are not leftist. Then stop using their vocabulary and their theories about the Israelis and the Jews. Then I may believe you.

Why should being a member of the EDL automatically make you a ‘Little Englander’? Part of the English character is that we do care about foreign jonnies. Think of Live Aid and other such things. That’s why we don’t want the extermination of the Israelis by Hezbollah and Hamas. That’s why I refer to the Sudan and Darfur. Does that make me a ‘secret friend’ of Sudanese Christians and animists? Does that make me a pro-Darfurist (like a ‘Zionist supporter’) or whatever? Why should English people not care for the Jews and Israelis? It doesn’t make us any less patriotic. Are you mistaking the EDL for the National Front or something?

The same goes for other national flags at EDL demos. Again, we are not National Front or Little Englanders. Israelis flags, why not? Pakistani Christian banners, why not? Iranian liberation flags, why not? Why not Swedish flags in solidarity with the Swedish and the hell of a Muslim mess they have there due to extreme multi-culturalism and political correctness?

Just as you say that the Israeli flags keep people away, so will the idea that we are really narrow-minded Little Englanders or secretly a National Front-type party. England has always embraced other countries. During the 18th century, Europe was a really open place and none of this had anything to do with European centralisation or places like Brussels which ruled like huge bureaucracies.

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