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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Embrace Diversity? [by John Lake]

- by John Lake

Many of our would-be political leaders claim that Britain is actually strengthened by having people from many countries living here. In America, President Obama has extolled the diversity of the people who now live there and has said that diversity leads to business success. Let's look at the evidence.

Japan - the second largest economy in the world? It is almost impossible for someone to gain Japanese nationality. There is s big drive on to build robots to help look after their elderly, so that they do not have to import nurses from the Philippines. The elderly like robots more than the nurses, because the robots speak Japanese.

Germany? The most successful exporting country of all time and way the strongest in Europe. They employ Turks, but they do not pretend that Turks are somehow Germans.

South Korea? You are born a Korean or you are not a Korean, and they are the great producers of electronic consumer goods.

Norway? They have masses of oil, but they do not import foreign doctors or nurses, and yet the streets of Oslo are not infested by the dead and dying. They pay Norwegian wages to their own nationals and have an excellent health service.

America does have a diverse labour force. Now that Afro-Americans won’t work for peanuts, the powerful in America are holding open the door to let in Latinos to undercut wages and keep the unions helpless.

Diversity is negatively correlated to economic success.

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