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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

EDL 'not welcome' at Wembley peace conference [from the Harrow Times]

- By Tristan Kirk, 15th June, 2010

"THE top councillor in Brent has said a protest against a Muslim peace conference in Wembley is “not welcome”.

Councillor Ann John, Labour's leader of Brent Council, hit out at the English Defence League (EDL), which is targeting the Al-Khair Peace Conference due to be held on Saturday, June 26, at Wembley Arena.

She said in a letter: “Brent is Britain’s most diverse multi-cultural and multi-faith borough and our diversity is our strength.

“The planned demonstration is a deliberate provocation aimed at creating fear amongst the Muslim community and undermining community relations.

“The EDL is not welcome here.”

Cllr John was writing on behalf of the 40 Labour councillors in the borough, and backed the move by Unite Against Fascism (UAF) to hold a counter-demonstration on the same day in opposition to EDL.

The peace conference has been organised by Croydon-based Muslim charity the Al-Khair Foundation, and is billed as an attempt to dispel myths surrounding Islam.

Far right websites and the EDL have begun an online campaign to gather members to attend a protest on the day of the conference, as a “protest against preachers of hate”.

A Facebook site advertising the demonstration currently has 101 members.

The Harrow Times has contacted EDL organisers to find out why they are planning the protest, and we await a reply."

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