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Sunday, 13 June 2010

EDL Leadership Statement [by Tommy Robinson]

- from the 4th of June, 2010
This is a statement to the fascist left, the Nazis and all those Islamist jihadi scumbags who are laughing at us together with those infiltrating desperados keen as f**k to destroy our movement from within.

I tell you all now it aint gonna happen peeps - not on my f**kin watch, and not on the wa...tch of any other genuine EDL member either. That is a resounding majority by any stretch of the imagination. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that.

To all our genuine EDL members and the wider public, who are perhaps sitting on the fence wondering what the EDL is all about, especially during these recent times where so much infighting and division has been instigated by those who have infiltrated for the sole purpose of making us look like Nazis, like racists, like anti Muslim etc., etc.

Cast your minds back, my brothers and sisters, to a man called Kev, an ex SAS and Hell’s Angel biker who ran a security firm. That man set his own Hertfordshire division up. He made us flags. He made stickers. He stepped into forums to debate with people for the EDL cause to put our point across. He even went to Harrow for SIOE to protest there. Basically he did s**tloads for this movement and others. He was liked and respected by the vast majority of people. He was even a moderator on our forum.

Then came a warning sign and we investigated who he was. He was far from a true EDL member - I jest you not! That man was an investigator. He hired “muscle” to look the biz. And when we found out who he really was, he s**t himself. The bloke thought he was untouchable and got caught out. I know he was actually recruiting Nazis/White Supremacists into the EDL via YouTube. He was a f**king wrong’un ! How do I know this you may ask? Well I asked one of the Hell’s Angels lads in Hertfordshire and he said he never heard of him, never met him, never even bumped into him for god’s sake! So with that in mind I questioned Kev and mentioned what I found out. He pissed his pants. Admitted he was an investigator and begged me not to expose his identity out of fear for his family. Funny he wasn’t too bothered about my family or my identity getting out; but I played the part of the bigger man and refrained, even though I had every reason not to.

So lesson learned, any kind of deception, any kind of lies, anything that just don’t ring true about someone, has to be questioned by the leadership; especially when someone has got so close to f**king things up for this movement. That is exactly what not only this government but also the previous government want to see happen - we are a serious pain in their arse!

Do any of the top three parties seriously want to deal with the threat of Islamism? Or would they like to pretend its all ok and hope the problem will go away? We wont go away and they will stop at nothing, absolutely nothing, to ruin us, defame us, set us up and make members react while ignoring the legitimacy of the points we make; rather concentrating on making the movement look like a bunch of racist idiots to keep us out on the margins. And to a point it’s worked. It’s restricted us but its never stopped us from growing.

Tony Williamson could be of the same ilk as Kev. As far as I’m concerned, another man who has made strides in captivating some support, mostly by riding on the popularity of Snowy, one of the Dudley Two.

Snowy unwittingly supported Tony until he was presented with our evidence. Tony accused one of our members of saying things that simply were not true. Snowy was implicated in this and confirmed that Tony was indeed a liar. We have to ask ourselves what reason can he have had for this lie other than to cause division and arguments?

We have absolute proof that Tony Williamson has lied to cause division amongst the ranks. He is also implicated in the takeover of the EDL with an association with grandmaster Paul Ray and his Neo Nazi friend Nick who have actually threatened me if I don’t “sort out” the leadership! Since when has a Neo-Nazi dickhead had anything to do with the running of the EDL? What a load of bollocks!

My grandparents fought against Nazis so I aint gonna start embracing them and destroy the legacy of our brave war dead.

Let’s not forget what the EDL started out as folks. We started out as a reaction to militant Muslims who preached jihad, who hated our country, who hated our rule of law, who hated our decadent and immoral Western ways.

These people hurled abuse towards our soldiers. So we stood up to them and showed them just how tolerant we are towards their disgusting ways. I know many soldiers wanted to do so themselves, but obviously couldn’t.

I personally canvassed all the pubs in Luton with 10,000 leaflets to bring people into a just cause, a righteous cause, a necessary cause. We are the original EDL. We wont budge from our fight. Our cause is true. Our cause is non-racist and has been so from the very start. People forget that we ran the NF out of Luton after we kicked off, isn’t that convenient?

Although we don’t condone, and never will condone racism, we understand some of the causes of racism. The EDL is a means to combat racism. A means to educate people away from racism. Who the hell are we to discriminate against all our non-white and non-Christian military personnel, for example?

The EDL is Black White and Brown Unite all the way. We do exactly what it says on the tin -even if the odd idiot is portrayed as being a representative of the whole movement.

Anyone who believes in our cause is a brother and a sister at arms, ready to fight against this tide of Islamist hatred and intolerance. Why should we tolerate intolerance?

We don’t care about race. This fight is not a race war. It’s a war against an ideology that wages war on us disgusting kuffar. An ideology that wants to subjugate us under a worldwide Islamic theocracy- a totalitarian, inhumane and barbaric ideology that despises anything un-Islamic.

Yep! I’ll fight till my dying breath against that kind of tyranny; as I only want to maintain the freedoms our war dead so bravely fought for. Who spilt blood for and paid the ultimate sacrifice for. This is the love I have for my country and for any other freedom-loving people who want to share in that love, that passion, that drive and desire for righting wrongs. People like that are brothers and sisters to me.

The EDL has only this Leadership, just for the record....Myself, Trevor Kelway, Marshy, Jack Smith, Joel Titus and Richard Price. We are the earliest founding members. In my eyes, Leon and Snowy will always be seen as leaders for their bravery and dedication to our cause. Anyone else who claims to be “leadership” is to be considered an infiltrator. We are the leadership. End of. Not some Paul ray and his special Nazi friend giving it plastic gangster crap to intimidate, infiltrate and ruin us as a movement. My message to them is simple.....JOG ON!

People sound off about Chris Renton being an EDL leader. He is not an EDL leader. He was in the EDL, but left due to personal issues. We never sacked him or even pushed him out of the EDL. He went of his own accord. So we wish him well. Anyone who says anything otherwise is a liar. These are the facts I present to you. We have important people who have roles to play in the EDL. We have Leon, Amit, Steve, Alan and Snowy, just as a few examples. All important players in the running of the EDL; but not part of any “leadership” team as such.

Then we have regional and divisional leaders who organise and mobilise. Who do some sterling work. Let’s not forget all our other “grass roots” members. They are the heartbeat of the movement. Roles will change as our movement grows and evolves but we will NEVER forget or forsake our roots. Genuine EDL members have made us the force we are today. So we wont forsake them.

We will help lead them into new challenges ahead. We will organise more often. We will target any Islamist cancer and challenge it wherever it rears its ugly head. We will prevail. We will succeed no matter what cost. We have real strength in unity and the beliefs we hold dear to our hearts. This will not change; no matter how many infiltrators there are to try and stop us.

We know that there are at least four Police forces investigating us - Special Branch with moles sent in to cause us harm are also at work. They probably have been from the start. Anti-terrorism Branch is also investigating us. Ironically enough, one of those “anti terrorism” coppers is Acting Deputy Chief Constable Anil Patani, of West Midlands Police, a man who tried to take the Dispatches team to court for the findings of Undercover Mosque. (Here you will find an article about Mr Patani... And here is the Commissioning Editor of that programme, Kevin Sutcliffe, speaking about the charges brought to Channel 4 by the police.....

Let’s not delude ourselves. We are up against many foes, be they far right, far left, Communist, Nazi, the government or even certain members of the Police. We are attacked from every angle. They also want to attack us from within and hope that we implode. We stand strong and they will never win this battle. This leadership team, and our likeminded supporters (who are in this for the right reasons), wont let the EDL go to s**t - not on our watch.

Our movement has an incredible amount of things going on in the background right now. So much to do, with so much to gain. And with the right people in place we can take the fight straight to those who have consistently attacked us for the wrong reasons. Let it be known we are in this for the long haul. We won’t go away. And if that upsets some highly-strung sensitivities, then so be it. It’s a necessary sacrifice for a greater good. No longer will patriots be ignored. No longer will the British Lion be silenced.

We have come too far, and achieved too much, to let some wankers jump on the EDL bandwagon and use it for their own purposes, hijack a legitimate cause and cause friction to divide and conquer.

We are aware of the forces working against us, very aware in fact. Snowy will be making a statement about the situation due course. It’s time for the infighting to stop. It’s time for unity. It’s time to take our country back.


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