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Saturday, 5 June 2010

EDL: Don't Give Up on Brum [by St. George1]

- by St. George1

... I have been to a fair few marches. My first was when there were only about 150 outside Brum Town Hall....

I got turned over after the 2nd Brum demo and ended up going home to my family to tell them I'd been done in by the scum that want to take over England. I know the score due to football and the like. I back the EDL all the way. The one thing I plead for is another demo in Brum in the coming weeks and months.

The EDL has become a lot more organised and established in a GOOD GOOD YEAR FOR THE EDL. I believe another march in Brum would open eyes. We have stewards. We have belief and the EDL lads/lasses now know the score when it comes to first impressions with the media and the like.

As a Brum citizen, I ask and pray that Tommy and the gang come back here and help save my family’s home. Life in Brum is becoming worse and I think the UAF and the Muslim extremists think they have won the battle in B’ham

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