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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Welsh/English Defence Leagues Against Islamism in Cardiff

WalesOnline comments on the upcoming Welsh Defence League/English Defence League demo in Cardiff on the 5th of June. It is also coinciding with a rock concert, by the Stereophonics at the Cardiff City Stadium, and a rugby union match between Wales and South Africa at the Millennium Stadium. Sounds like a fun-packed day!

The most despicable thing about the WalesOnline article is its title – ‘Racist march due on day of music and rugby in Cardiff’. No questions asked or answered. It is a racist march. It’s not even a case of ‘some claim the EDL is simply racist’ or ‘they claim to be only against Islamic militancy’, as you get in other papers. This paper is either taking a given far-left line on the EDL/WDL or it has simply accepted, no questions asked, the far-left line of UAF. This is really bad. Many members of the EDL have been non-racists - or even anti-racists! - all their lives and then along come UAF and call them ‘racists’. Worse than that, a regional news outlet, WalesOnline, does exactly the same.

Weren’t many English football fans against the Welsh? Wasn’t there a lot of trouble between English and Welsh football fans once? And yet English and Welsh footballs fans are jettisoning ancient rivalries and getting together in Cardiff on June the 5th to fight the enemy of all Brits and indeed all Europeans – militant Islam. Yet the WalesOnline calls them ‘racist’. Again, no questions asked. And no EDL questions answered!

And because the WDL and the EDL have a strong football-fan base, which really means a strong English and Welsh base as well, the UAF are also trying to recruit football fans. The problem is. The EDL didn’t ‘recruit’ football fans. It was a case of football fans creating the EDL. No one else was interested at the time! So UAF is off on a looser from the start, which is not to say they won’t get three or four football fans on board their train to revolution and radicalisation. UAF realises that Cardiff City fans have links with both the WDL and the EDL. Thus they have even talked of ‘the Bluebirds vs the Nazis’. Pathetic! One UAF spokesman said that ‘the majority of CCFRC fans are opposed to racism and fascism’. That’s fine. EDL and WDL supporters are against fascism and racism. So no problem there mate!

Another UAF fan, Mark Serwotka, the General Secretary of the PCS union (whatever that is), said that the ‘WDL/EDL hold their demos to intimidate and divide us’. No they don’t! The EDL demos are fantastic showcases of solidarity and fellow feeling. It is the Islamists and Leftist militants who intimidate and divide us. The Muslim gangs in Bradford, Blackburn, the Tower Hamlets, etc. also divide us. To leftists like Serwotka the phrase ‘divide us’ is just a leftist cliché that is used, all too often unthinkingly and in the Trot rant manner. It’s all based on the well-worn leftist theory of ‘divide and rule’. The phrase is now just rhetoric. And if anyone ‘whips up’ anything it is the militant Muslims, the SWP and UAF. They love conflict and division. They thrive on it. They need it for the revolution and for radicalisation.

*) The WalesOnline piece:

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