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Friday, 28 May 2010

Not Another Mosque: Walsall Muslims Hate the Ahmadiyyas

The EDL has dropped its plans to demonstrate against the building of a mosque in Walsall. The demo was planned for June the 19th to oppose the planed conversion of a disused warehouse into ‘an Islamic place of worship’.

Before any EDL-ers, or the inhabitants of Walsall, get too excited about the news that some Muslims have ‘objected’ to the disused warehouse being turned into ‘an Islamic place of worship’ - think about this. The scheme was put forward by Walsall’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Association. Now most people have heard of Sunni and Shiite Muslims, but not this group. Who are they? Well, let’s get straight to the point. We all know that all Sunnis hate all Shiites. We know that all Shiites hate all Sunnis. However, all Muslims, including both Sunni and Shiites, hate the Ahmadiyyas with 'a perfect hate'. They are regarded as ‘apostates’, 'heretics' and worse by Muslims. Indeed Muslims do not even see them as Islamic or Muslim at all. Not only all that. The Ahmadiyyas are persecuted by Muslims throughout the world - especially in Pakistan! (That's no surprise!) Just yesterday, an Ahmadiyya Muslim was murdered by a Pakistani Sunni Muslim for being a 'heretic'. How Muslims hate each other!
So it is all this which explains the very strange fact that some Muslims have objected to the Ahmadiyya scheme to build an ‘Islamic place of worship’ (a mosque!).

Walsall South MP, Valerie Vaz, said:

‘Those who objected felt there were enough mosques here…. a lot of objections came from within the Muslim community.’

Sounds good, doesn’t it? There were 800 objections – ‘many of whom were Muslim’. No it doesn’t!
This is not an example of Muslims listening to the EDL or to Walsall non-Muslims. It is a case of Muslims hating the Ahmadiyyas! If the proposal came from a Sunni organisation, or from Sunnis, there would have been no objections whatsoever from Muslims. The opposite in fact! So don’t let any Muslim sell you this story as an example of Muslim accommodation or common decency. It’s not. It is a case of Sunni Muslims hating the Ahmadiyyas and thus also the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association's ‘scheme’ or proposal.

The following is taken from Wikipedia. It should clarify things a little:

“Orthodox Muslims consider both Ahmadi movements to be heretics and non-Muslims for a number of reasons, chief among them being the question of finality of prophethood,[76] since they believe members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community do not regard the Islamic prophet Muhammad as the last prophet…Ahmadi Muslims believe Ghulam Ahmad to be the Mahdi and promised Messiah.”

*) Article in the Brum Mail:

*) I've just heard that there has been a serious bomb attack on a mosque in Pakistan. The mosque belongs to a Pakistani 'minority Islamic sect'! Incredible!... It was an Ahmadiyya mosque!

Here'a report from the BBC:

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