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Friday, 14 May 2010

The Lies of the Dudley Muslim Association (DMA)

It is no coincidence that the Dudley Muslim Association, and its Chairman, Dr Kurshid Ahmed, have repeatedly accused the English Defence League of ‘provoking religious hatred’. They know that by wording their accusation in this precise way, that it will then be possible to convince the relevant authorities that the EDL is falling foul of the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill of 2005. And guess what! The Racial and Religious Hatred Bill was specifically designed to criminalise those who are accused of ‘whipping up’, or ‘inciting’ (to use Kurshid Ahmed’s words), what they call ‘religious hatred’ (what everyone else calls ‘criticising Islamism and militant Islam’). So the Dudley Muslim Association is not stupid. Not only that. Many commentators have previously said that this law was specifically designed, in the first place, to appease the Muslims who felt that they were unfairly ‘stigmatised’ by the ‘anti-terror’ laws of the time.

*) Dr Kurshid Ahmed is quite simply wrong when he generalises about the Islamic calls-to-prayer and how loud they are. He says, specifically, that the ‘people of Dudley’, and even people ‘anywhere in Britain’, have never heard anything as loud as that which was broadcast by Snowy and Leon from their rooftop speakers in Dudley. All Kurshid Ahmed needs to do is go up on the moors which surround Keighley and listen to the chants which emanate from Keighley’s main mosque in the town centre. They can be heard from up to four miles away, all the way from the hill tops to the other side of the town itself. I have also heard these levels of noise, that is, of Islamic chant, replicated in other parts of the North West, though the Keighley mosque is just about the loudest I’ve personally heard. (Things are probably worse in the neighbouring city of Bradford.)

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