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Saturday, 29 May 2010


i) Introduction
ii) The Members of the EDL
iii) Policies
iv) Racism and Culturalism
v) Conclusion


It is quite simple. The British people have nowhere else to turn. Regional and national newspapers, politicians, councillors and other professional bodies simply daren’t say the things which need to be said about militant Islam and sharia law. In many, if not all, cases, anything even remotely critical or negative which is said about Islam is instantly and mindlessly classified as ‘Islamophobic’. What’s worse than this is that many of those who work in the public services, as well as in the media, would loose their jobs if they said the wrong things about Islam or even if they supported the EDL in any way whatsoever.

It is a frightening thought. If it weren’t for the EDL, there wouldn’t really be any other organisation which would be taking its strong stance against militant Islam and Sharia law (though of course there are many individuals, bloggers and suchlike who aren’t frightened of being critical about Islam and political correctness generally).

Perhaps many EDL members have become political for the first time precisely because they see Islamism or militant Islam as being the big threat that it is – a threat which is more or less ignored by the mainstream media, as well as by MPs and councillors.

The Members of the EDL

The EDL has members people from a very wide variety of backgrounds. On the EDL Forum, for instance, there are views articulated which range from the conservative to what can only be called socialist. (There are even anarchist members of the EDL.) None of this really matters. The EDL is essentially a single-issue group. The only thing which need unite all these members is the strong stance the EDL upholds against militant Islam and sharia law. After all, why shouldn’t a socialist, or a LibDem, be fearful of the growing power of Islam and the rise of Islamism in England? There is no contradiction here. It is only groups like the Socialist Workers Party, Respect, Unite Against Fascism, etc. which never see any Muslim evil, or hear any Muslim evil. However, this absolutely uncritical stance towards all things Islamic or Muslim is ideological in nature and simply reflects the fact that these leftist groups think they can ‘tap into’ the ‘revolutionary’ or ‘radical potential’ of Muslims and indeed of Islam itself.

It is very difficult to deal with the few unruly elements in the EDL because the organisation doesn’t have a hierarchical and/or centralised structure. However, things have been progressing. Almost every EDL demo has been an improvement on the former one. This is partly because of the stewarding system which the EDL is now using. It is interesting to note that the events in Dudley in early May mainly happened because the rooftop occupation wasn’t made known to EDL members. Thus when EDL members and curious bystanders came along to support the rooftop protest there weren’t any stewards to keep and eye on things. Indeed most of the people who were supporting the rooftop protest were from Dudley and weren’t previously active members of the EDL.

One thing can be guaranteed. The image and the reality that is the EDL will improve over the coming months. This won’t be like a political party deceitfully changing its image in order to secure more votes. It will be more like a young movement beginning to find its feet and therefore also beginning to forge its identity as a political movement. After all, eleven months or so ago the EDL didn’t even exist! It is obviously the case that the EDL is still a young organisation – even by the standards of the BNP or the Green Party.

The press must also realise that the EDL has had problems with agent provocateurs. That is, people from other organisations, such as Unite Against Fascism, Combat 18, the BNP, etc. have tried to infiltrate our organisation to either change its policies or make it look bad to the general public. I have personally witnessed a UAF infiltrator being kicked out of an EDL demo for giving a Nazi salute. This is how flagrant some of their devious actions have been.


It terms of EDL policies. Let’s firstly deal with the mosques of the UK. The EDL believes that all British mosques should be regulated. Not by Muslim Council of Britain or some other Muslim organisation, but by the Government itself. Too many times before the Government has used one bunch of Islamic extremists to regulate another bunch of Islamic extremists (as happened in the Finsbury Park Mosque case). Part of the strategy for dealing with this will be to ascertain where exactly the money for mosques is coming from. For example, if the money is coming from Saudi Arabia you can be pretty sure they are not just supplying money. The Saudis will also be supplying the Wahhabite doctrines which must come along with the money. The money has strings attached.

The structure and organisation of English mosques will need to change too. The main problem is that the vast majority of the imams in our mosques come from overseas. Thus they will have prejudices and biases which will make them automatically antipathetic to Western values, as we have seen on very many occasions. British Muslims must take control of their own mosques.

Racism and Culturalism

Racism, as a dead pseudo-science, has nothing to offer the EDL. Even at its peak, in the early 20th century, racism wasn’t really scientifically legitimate. So EDL patriotism, or English patriotism, quite simply transcends the limitations set on it by race and religion.
That is why there are Hindu and Sikh members of the EDL. For example, our Community Relations officer is a Sikh called Guramit Singh (who is of Indian origin). This has not stopped Unite Against Fascism calling him an ‘Uncle Tom’ simply because he dares not to believe the Trotskyite things they believe about the EDL and everything else. The other fashionable term of abuse for all EDL non-white members is ‘poster boys’. That is the level of the far-left critique.

Despite all this, the EDL is indeed culturalist in its orientation. That is, unlike relativists, postmodernists and the hip far left, we do see certain cultures as being inherently superior to other cultures. We think that English culture, along with the cultures of the West as a whole, are far superior to anything the Islamic world has to offer. And we are prepared to argue the case for such a position, if only the Political-Correct Thought Police would allow us to do so. It is so obviously the case that cultures which practice cliterodectomy and stoning to death are far inferior to those culture which don’t practice these abominations. You may even be surprised that such a position has to be argued for.


It is of course the case that the English Defence League is still having teething problems. It is a new group. But there is also an element of self-fulfilling prophesy here in that the local and national media tell everyone that the EDL is full of ‘hooligans’ and ‘racists’. Thus many hooligans and racists say to themselves, ‘I’ll have a bit of that.’ And then they head off to the local EDL demonstration expecting to meet fellow racists or hooligans. They soon find out that the EDL is not racist or fascist.

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  1. Decent article, and nice to see people looking at the situation in realistic terms, rather than looking via the previous governments 'rose tinted glasses' view on Islam in general.

    The argument is in simple terms, to stop the rise of radical Islam in Great Britain, and to a greater degree Europe. Strange thing is, the politicians have been aiding and abetting the whole sordid affair. The sickening revelations that have gone on in Tower Hamlets should have sounded a very loud alarm bell ringing in the heart of government. Yet they didn't.

    The cowardly labour party continued to throw huge sums of taxpayers' cash at them in the hope of securing the Muslim vote. This serious issue seems to have slipped on by, only the Telegraph reported the issue in great detail.

    For me, I have learnt, and will continue to learn much from the EDL. It was the only voice willing to say, "What is happening is wrong." Thankfully, a year later, people are actually listening to what the group as to say.