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Monday, 17 May 2010

The EDL: the Numbers Game [by Mrs Cheeks]

The EDL CANNOT afford to grow quickly - to do so will be the absolute - in MY opinion - downfall of the organisation. Run before you can walk = IS IN MY EXPERIENCE a complete bollox of a mess and you WILL lose control.

The EDL is growing steadily; not just with its numbers of followers online but also, from what I have read, in the numbers coming to the demos. The growth needs to be continual, absolutely, but if you suddenly get 10,000 people plus turn up at a demo then I would like to ask... HOW THE f**k do you control them???

I can only go on MY own experiences over 7 yrs of changing the public face of support for the Armed Forces, and to grow too big too fast is a dangerous game to play. I have been in positions where that is exactly what I have wanted, but I had good advisors including the MoD at the time who said you just can't afford to ... if you do X then you run a serious risk of being totally overwhelmed with the response and you do NOT have the resources to handle any sudden upsurge in support.

They were right, absolutely on the nail - how can you control a sudden sway of support when you are working full time, dont have a proper head quarters and DONT HAVE STAFF to help control it all? The EDL are the same - this is all hard hard work being done in people's OWN TIME, and through THEIR OWN FUNDING.

Of course having tens of thousands of people all demonstrating the cause would be a phenomenal success; but I dont think the EDL could cope with that yet. Bad as that may sound, and I genuinely do not want to belittle any thought of achieving that kind of success at demos, but if you get tens of thousands at a demo and you better make sure you have got literally hundreds of marshalls to control the situation. You also need to know you have maximum cooperation and support from the OB and that is not something sadly the EDL can rely on.

I know most of this probably doesn't make any sense, I dunno if my input is worth anything - but I honestly believe that if the EDL tries to grow too big too fast, then all that you have worked hard to achieve, and HAVE achieved so far, will explode on your faces in the most public and potentially damaging way.

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