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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The Birmingham Mail's Cuckoo Diversity Dream [by Britannica]

Strange how you [the Birmingham Mail] do not report hordes of Muslims roaming the Streets attacking people? Funny that from a leftwing rag showing biased reporting. You must be tools (sorry members) of UAF.

Funny how your paper NEVER reports the escalating attacks on white teenagers by Muslims, and Muslim immigrants, which are occurring on a daily basis. Still living in your cuckoo 'diversity' dream are we? Oh those rose tinted glasses!

People in Dudley DO NOT want a Mosque the size of Old Trafford in the centre of their town. Yet UAF and other Commie supporters of the Government take it upon themselves to whip the locals into frenzy with constant lies.

Ask yourself this question: Why aren't churches allowed to built in Saudi Arabia? Tell me why? You know the answer. Islam is intolerant of anything, and everything, that isn't Islamic. They are playing you all for fools. And you are dancing to their tune under the mask of this disgusting Government's attempt to change the whole fabric of this Birmingham and this country.

Instead of burying your useless heads in the sand and pretending there aren't any problems, please explain to me what has happened to Sparkhill, Sparkbrook and Alum Rock. These areas are not 'diverse' now are they? You can ask anybody who is not Muslim what it is like in these areas today. In fact, let's put theory into practice. Go down there on a Saturday night and walk down the Strafford Road. You will have a good chance of ending up in A&E at worst; yet you will be called every name under the moon. Nevertheless, don't worry, it isn't racist, it never is when you're white is it?

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