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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Voting Patterns of British Muslims [by Homo Sapien]

- by Homo Sapien

"Less than half of asians to vote."

Whilst the article lumps all Asians together in the headline, when you look at the details the voting intentions of indians is 51% compared to 55% of the rest of the population.

Whereas with Muslims it shows that 39% of Bangladeshis will vote, and 38% of Pakistanis. That's a huge difference, and shows again how muslims are not integrated. The figures for how many "return home" for a spouse also bear this out - it's something like 30% for Indians, and 60% for Pakistanis and Bangladeshis.

No wonder Indians and Sikhs are sick of being lumped alongside the muslims. 12% of the prison population are muslims, yet all the reports of muslim criminality just describe them as "Asians". Journalists are so despicable.

The really interesting thing is that "The survey also found that 56% of Asians believe the elected Prime Minister should be tougher on immigration." Looks like even Asians support the BNP's policies.

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