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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Taught Leftist History [by Georgie Rules]

- by Georgie Rules

Imperial I'm currently doing History just now... "Democracy" & Welfare Reforms, and Appeasement & the Road to War. We learn about how facism is wrong (which it is); but nothing about the evils of Communism. We were told how the Spanish Civil War was completely the Nationalists' fault, yet failed to mention the split amongst Republicans and Stalin's interference.

We were actually "taught" that Britain were at fault for NOT intervening to stop a Dictator. Well fast forward 65 years, and when we took down Hussain we were starting a needless war. Luckily our History teacher can see through this and points out the evils of right and left wing extremism.

... what I'm basically saying is that we are barely taught anything about Britain, and when we are, Britain is portrayed as negatively as possible. And again in RME, we weren't taught anything at all about Christianity, just about how PEACEFUL AND RIGHT? Islam is.

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