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Monday, 5 April 2010

A Sample EDL Letter to the Police (on 'Hate Crimes')

I am reporting certain ‘hate crimes’.

A couple of ... ago I decided to attend one of my local mosques to see what Islam is really like. I was curious at the time because I had heard Muslims frequently talk about the ‘media bias’ against Islam and its general ‘Islamophobia’. So I decided to see for myself. I was surprised by what I heard and saw.

I heard inflammatory remarks from the Koran against Jews, Christians, women, homosexuals and ‘infidels’. I also saw, in an English translation of the Koran, numerous negative remarks about Jews, Christians, women and non-believers. It was very strong stuff.

So I bought my own English translation of the Koran and studied it. In it I found innumerable references to – violent – ‘jihad’ against Jews, Christians, the conquered and ‘infidels’. (I saw nothing about the ‘internal’, or ‘greater’ jihad.) I have enclosed some of the passages I am writing about...

After reading police leaflets on ‘Hate Crime’, and after reading the news about possible legislation against the ‘incitement of religious hatred’, I decided that those who read the Koran out publicly, even in a mosque, should be the subject of prosecution for propagating hatred and violence.

I looked carefully at one police leaflet. It said that a ‘hate incident’ includes ‘animosity towards someone because of their… ethnic heritage’. This would of course include religious beliefs, as I am sure you will agree. Under the ‘A Hate Incident can be…’ heading it includes leaflets, letters and posters as examples of hatred. All these can be found in mosques and Islamic sites everywhere. However, it is the Koran that the police should primarily focus on because there is a remarkable amount of ‘hate’ in that book.

I hope you will look into my complaint.

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