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Saturday, 3 April 2010

The Promise of Islamic Paradise

A Muslim once asked a critic (rhetorically): "Is religion normally a motive behind murders?" Yes! Oh yes! What about 9/11 (which he mentioned himself)? What about Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Indonesia where religious murders are common place? What about the suicide bombs that blast the bombers into the hands of 77 virgins? What about death by stoning? What about Mohammed's massacre of Jews so gleefully painted in the Koran?

This Muslim also mentioned the rise in "sex attacks". Has there really been a rise in sex attacks or is it simply the case that we don't accept such attacks any more? In Islamic Pakistan, for example, the rape victim is often punished and blamed for the attack. He also mentions drug-dealing. How many of those young Muslim drug dealers in London and the Northe West, in their expensive cars, also go to mosques after their tawdry deals are done? And where do they get their heroin from? Islamic Pakistan and Islamic Afghanistan! As for "drink-driving". Yes, perhaps Muslims have got a point. However, I'd rather live here than in Islamic Saudi Arabia where alcohol is banned and non-Muslims are persecuted and sometimes killed.

We need to realise that we do indeed pay a certain price for living in a liberal democracy: crime, drug-taking, prostitution, etc. But these are minor blemishes compared to the hell on earth offered to us by some religious leaders.

Perhaps parents sometimes don't know what is "right and wrong" in certain situations. Perhaps the Muslim's omniscience regarding right and wrong is the more dangerous and unpalatable option in the long run. The Islamic world may be black and white, but ours is all shades and colours. That is democracy. That is liberty and freedom. Muslims should offer us a better solution or accept the intricacies and foibles of democratic life.

So often have religious prophets (including Marxists) offered us heaven on earth or the Islamic "paradise", only to give us hell instead. As someone once said: The road to paradise is littered with corpses. Don't let Muslims of this world fool you with their simple solutions and Old-Testament rhetoric.

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