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Thursday, 15 April 2010

On Red Unions Like 'UNITE' [by Southwales]

- by Southwales

How can they Blame EDL for being against Unite and some other trade union movements? The fact is that the Troskyist Unite attend UAF demos directly against the EDL wrongly acusing us of being nazi they ought to campaign against like the national front.

I support Trade unions in principle. Working class people like myself do deserve more than £5.85 an hour However, I would never sign up with Unite because they have a far left Marxist agenda aswell as the UAF.

The fact is that the WDL EDL AND SDL are working-class movements. There are more working class people in the EDL+ united defence leagues than any communist front put together.
These people have the nerve to call themselfs working class people, I am not against unite members like myself who only want more hours and better pay, I have full support of these people but I believe that Marxism is not the answer.

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