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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

On the BBC [by Waspish]

- by Waspish

The BBC never reports crimes involving Muslim gangs, Muslim rapes or Muslim honor killings. (Cant have the drones sidetracked.) They never ever report the figures on Muslim people claiming benefits here but living in Pakistan. but they do highlight white people who claim benefits and work cash in hand. They never report how much of tax payers money is funnelled into Cherie Blair's legal firm fighting for the rights of FAILED asylum seekers. They have conveniently ignored the fact that they have been told about the 15 thousand car wash forms run by illegal immigrants; the thousands of illegals working as nannies, cooks and cleaners... (When was the last time any of you folk saw a white person working in a curry shop?) The equality laws are a one-way thing in Britain. The B.B.C is run by white elitist left wing Eurocrats for the benefit of their class and their structure is biased to keep the average white/black worker at the bottom of the news chain. You heard it here on the British free speach forum first. Ask the questions. Ask your MPs when they come knocking. Ask the local paper. They are all under Gordon's control on fear of closure if they dissent.

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