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Thursday, 15 April 2010

National Socialists & Islamists [by Shoshana]

- by Shoshana

National socialists are just that: socialists with totalitarian doctrine. No different to Stalinism but they use a nationalistic type of language instead of commies, who say that what they do is 'for the good of the people'.(Like Blair)Hitler blabbed about the "volk" - the people as a racial grouping, who were 'under threat' from other groups, sub-humans which included Jews and Homos.

This is what the muslims do: they separate themselves, say they are being attacked - lies/taqqiya - immediatly creating divisions in society and attack the same people the Nazis did. Divide and rule. The lefties are their "useful idiots", who make all this corruption possible. Once they've exhausted their usefulness, they will have their heads chopped too.

The right wing is libertarian, small government, freedom of speech but strong law and order to make sure people don't abuse freedom - like the Islamoscum have done: live and let live - or get lost!

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