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Monday, 26 April 2010

Islamic Science and the Scientific Koran? [by Peter Pedant]

Islamic movements were aware that Islam and science do not mix well, which is hardly a problem to any true Muslim, who always see Islam to be right and science to be wrong. However, if they want to make the religion more acceptable to others, whether Muslims or non-Muslims, there are many questions to be answered. The rescue came from Maurice Bucaille, a French doctor who worked for the Saudi king and wrote a book in the 1970s about the Bible, the Quran and modern science. Oil money seems to have paid well. To the Islamists this is like winning the jackpot.

Saudi Arabia established a generously financed government organization whose purpose is not just solving the incompatibilities between the Quran and science, but to go even further and claim that the Quran has many scientific miracles. They recruited Muslim scholars and scientists from around the world and targeted western scientists. This strategy apparently brought much success.

What matters is the fact that a western Christian has admitted that the Quran is scientifically accurate. If a Muslim wrote such a book it would not make such an impact, as the material contained is not the issue, the author is. What matters is that there is an admission from a western Christian intellectual that the Quran is correct, scientifically.

One cannot help wondering if Maurice Bucaille really believed what he claimed about the divine origin of the Quran? He must have read the Quran carefully and came across the many verses in which Allah makes it clear that the unbelievers will be burnt in hell fire for eternity. For this fear alone, at the least, Maurice Bucaille should have pronounced the shahada to save his soul. Some Muslims claim that he had lately converted to Islam, a claim that does not make any difference to this argument. He certainly didn't know that he is going to live long enough to re-think and convert to Islam, if it is true that he did.

Maurice Bucaille's position reminds us with another famous personality who knew Allah but decided to be in opposition. No I do not mean Prof. Keith Moore, I mean Iblis (the Satan) himself! Satan's attitude in opposing Allah remains a mystery to us all. He knew everything about Allah's punishments and knew the consequences of his disobedience still he did it - oppose Allah.

The Appearance of the 'Miracle Specialists'

Maurice Bucaille gave Islamic clerics a big boost. He gave them confidence and proved them that their efforts were well-paid. This lead to the appearance of a new breed of Muslim scholars called 'miracle specialists' whose role is to spread this myth of Quranic miracles to Muslims and non-Muslims everywhere in the world. With the purpose of strengthening their faith and securing their conversion to wahabism, the Saudi sect of Islam, their first target are the Muslims. Other targets are the non-Muslims working in Saudi Arabia, who are given the message about the miracle myth by every possible means. Non-Muslim conversions to Islam were generously rewarded. Then of course, to use in their campaign, they targeted western scientists to say some positive remarks about Islam.

Muslim miracle specialists developed an aggressive approach in selling their lies. There are many aspects to their strategy; none of which are based on scientific analysis. They know their audience are basically simple, ordinary folks who are unlikely to subject their claims to research or scientific analysis. They inject scientific language and terminology into ordinary Arabic words that have been taken completely out of context. They will even tell a lie - yes a completely baseless lie to overwhelm their simple-minded audience.

Exploring scientific miracles in the Quran, with its stars and celebrities, has become a big business in the Islamic world. In addition to the dedicated pages in the newspapers and internet sites in every Islamic country, there are committed television programs and national meetings - just to cover Islamic science!

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