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Monday, 12 April 2010

Islam the Warrior Religion [by AdrianUK]

- by adrianuk

Lets get to the roots of Islam. The chapters in the Koran called "Suras" are Muhammad's revelations from God. The Suras from the Medinan period reflect the corruption of Muhammad's rule. Sura 9, one of the last revelations, contains some of the most uncompromising doctrines of aggression and belligerence. The progression from the early Meccan Suras to the latter Medinan Suras transforms the nature of the religion. The Koran and the Hadith (the collection of Muhammad's deeds and sayings, often called "the living Koran" paint a bleak but unmistakable picture Islam is a warrior religion of conquest and oppression. Islam is a evil religion that wants to take over the world. Sharia law should be banned from our shores. The point is it only takes a few true Muslims, who want to practice Islam in its entirety and heed the call to Jihad, to take weapons of mass destruction into Western cities and destroy civilization. Is there a moderate Islam or is this just an oxymoron? You decide

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