Saturday, 3 April 2010

Is There a True Perspective of Islam?

What is 'the true perspective of Islam'? Is it by definition positive? This often seems to be the case. However, all you can ever have are perspectives on Islam - not the true perspective on Islam. You can have Islam according to Fred; or Islam according to a Shia; or according to a Sunni; or according to a Pakistani; or according to an Indonesian; or according to the BNP; or according to ... (fill in the dots).

Does the "greater understanding of the Islamic world" automatically mean a positive understanding? What if all the fruit in the garden is not sweet? I wonder if the "common misconceptions" on Islam are all negative? Who says they are misconceptions - Muslim Scholar Number 1 or Muslim Scholar Number 999? How is it that we never hear of 'common misconceptions' on Islam that are positive? How is it that the negative passages in the Koran are always "misinterpreted" by non-Muslims and never the positive ones? If I choose a nice part of the Koran and recite it at a Islington dinner party, no one will accuse me of "misinterpreting" it. But if I choose one about, say, Holy War, well, you know the story

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