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Monday, 12 April 2010

The Ignored Majority [by memphis375]

- by memphis375

Someone from down south approved the building of the Dudley mosque, despite never setting foot in Dudley!They asked for the views of Dudley residents and STILL our voices have been ignored.They are terrified to say 'no' in case they are called 'racists'! What about the racism that we have to face every day from these so-called minorities? Why are we now becoming the unheard voice; the minority in our own country? This is not being a racist. This is telling the truth - something our own government deny us. I have had relatives who fought in the Second World War to give me a voice - a voice that this government wishes to silence! There will come a time when Joe Public will turn around and say 'NO MORE,WE WILL NOT BE SILENT ANY MORE' and until that day I'm sorry to say my voice and everyone else who speaks the truth will be silenced by this Government. I want my country back. How it used to be when I was a kid but those days are gone and now I worry for my kids. What's left for them? What of their future?

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