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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

I Wanna be a Student Revolutionary... For Three Years [by Rudyard]

- by Rudyard

A quote attributed to Churchill says:

"If you're not a liberal by 20 you have no heart; and if your not a conservative by 40 you have no brain."

Although the attribution is argued, the sentiments are generally correct. If you think about it for a second, we always associate students with the UAF/SWP and their predecessors - there are very few older people at their demos, apart from the card carrying Communists. With few exceptions, the students at the demos will 'never' again be involved in such things once they leave uni. Supporting the UAF/SWP is just part of the uni social experience for many middle-class students, who have never before been involved in anything 'radical'. It's a rite of passage - nothing more complicated.

If the Commies could actually get these students to support their cause over a longer period, then they would concentrate on the SWP political party side of things; but obviously they can't, so they use the UAF front instead. Even the students wouldn't sign up to a Communist political party, but they've got no problem being bussed to and from a demo, for free, so that they can wave placards and feel like a 'revolutionary' for a few hours!

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