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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Hazel Blears and the Muslim Council of Britain

Can anyone remember when Hazel Blears, then at the Home Office, was criticised by the Muslim Council of Britain for using a traditional logical argument, both valid and sound, in which she said that if the new anti-terrorist laws are geared towards defeating Islamic extremism, it will be inevitable that Muslims will be ‘disproportionately targeted’? Didn’t her position make sense? Are there many, or any (!), non-Muslim groups in England that propagate terrorism? Not as far as I know. And yet a large minority of English Muslims do believe that terrorism is in many cases justified. So why arrest non-Muslims just to prove a nonsensical point to the Muslim Council of Britain?

Incidentally, just because the MCB sounds like the official organisation of all British Muslims, in fact it is not. There are many British Muslim individuals and groups which have nothing to do with the MCB, even though the British media doesn’t seem to realise this.

I wonder if Hazel Blears apologised for her logical stance on the issue. No doubt she gave in to the MCB (amongst others), just as many other public figures apologise for telling the truth or applying logic to political problems.

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