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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

George Galloway [by Homo Sapien]

The Dispatches programme on IFE last week showed Galloway admitting that without that organization's manipulation of the electorate in Tower Hamlets, Galloway would never have become MP.

After his suspension from the Labour Party he stood in Bethnal Green and Bow against a pro-gay, black, jewish woman (Oona King) in order to get himself 5 more years at the Westminster trough. The man is one of the lowest forms of life (and that's saying something considering the scum suckers in Parliament). People who live in his constituency don't even get replies when they write to him. He has one of the worst records for attendance and voting of all MPs.

We should be glad that a bottom feeder like Galloway is against us. He was married to a muslim, and she sought to divorce him in 2005 because of his philandering: . His close friend, the first UK muslim MP Mohammed Sarwar, resigned in 2007 because of death threats against him. Why was he receiving death threats? Because he'd worked with the Pakistani government to get the killers of Kriss Donald sent back to Scotland. ([url]]). Sarwar's son was subsequently imprisoned for his part in a £1,000,000 money-laundering scam.

Still, Galloway attacks the EDL and continues his support for muslims. He praised Saddam Hussein ( Imagine that -- praising the man who committed genocide against the Kurds.

Muslims are welcome to have people like Galloway on their side

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  1. George galloway can talk the hind legs off a donkey with his drunken Scottish bullyboy style. He is a calculating self promoting verbal thug.
    It is a shame the English press give him coverage, because without that coverage he would be consigned to his truly earned position in life--nowhere!