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Thursday, 15 April 2010

The EDL, the Unions and the Working Class [by Englandbelongstome]

- by Englandbelongstome

The SWP are middle/upper class wankers who understand nothing about real life.

I will gladly admit to being left of centre. In my mind that means BEING working class and defending our families and communities from being f**ked over by politicians, end of. In a way, that is what the EDL is doing, no?

Unions are necessary, otherwise we wouldn't even HAVE a minimum wage. I was on the demonstrations in the late 90s urging for a 3.65p/h minimum or something. It seemed a lot at the time as I was on less than that.

The politicians and business owners would LOVE to scrap the minimum wage, and get in immigrants for all our jobs to keep our wages down. The unions stop this happening as much as they can, but they don't have much power to do so. What gets me is that Unite and other unions still tell people to vote for Labour, although it is because of Labour that the economy is f**ked and companies are going bust...

I don't think we should have nationalised industries as they don't work very well. But we should have an England where everyone can get a job and education instead of being thrown on the scrap heap for life as they do now.

The SWP are middle class through and through, and positively FEAR the working class. That's why they can't understand the EDL in terms other than 'racist' or 'fascist'.

I joined this because I admire that the EDL didn't take the easy route of accepting Blood & Honour or the NF into their ranks. They could have but instead decided to embrace everyone of any colour who opposes Islamic extremism, which I applaud them for, as it was a brave stand. If they start labelling every working class person who wants a fairer deal a 'commie' then I'm out, because I am just as opposed to Communism as I am Nazism. England has a long tradition of the working class organising for better education, voting rights and so on. We fought the wars and we died while the upper classes were drinking tea in the officers club, so don't give me this 'commie' nonsense.

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