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Thursday, 15 April 2010

The EDL and the Media [by Boudicca]

- by Boudicca

No politics within EDL ...

We want to force a change in policies with existing political parties .... We want to see positive changes for the majority of the citzens of the UK.

Socalism doesnt work in my book. I am a proud loyalist ... I love my country, my queen and I hate socalism, nazis, facists and racists ... The media is a tool ...a governement-run tool ..

Do your home work, look at politics over the years and see how the media report the stories. I will give you one example .. The miners' strikes ... full of unionist / swp types those miners right or wrongly protecting their jobs. That's not the debate here. The point is look at how the media portrayed the miners under Thatcher Government .....

If you want meaningful media, read stories from international-media outlets. They generally paint a more balanced picture of events. Do not believe everything you read in the papers. See on the news because 99% of the time it is bulls**t to sell more papers ...or get more viewers ...I wont lie .. I used to buy the Sun .. 'Why?' everyone will ask.. I'll tell you why. Because it is the equilvant of the kiddies' Beno. Funny as hell sometimes ..... but I don't believe the majority of what's been printed. Lately tho I have started to use the internet to read stories ... And to be frank I wont spend another penny on a paper..

If everyone in the EDL stopped buying their papers .... and spread the word .... the media will change its tune ... because its losing money / profits ...

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