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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Dudley Demo [by Spenner]]

I was at todays rally and for me it was all a bit flat! Not enough informative speeches and a poor PA system which made the young lady look rather foolish and coupled with drunken children shouting over her made me embarrased to be part of this movement!! While driving to the muster i watched the general public get out of there vehicles and clap and cheer at the sight of our buses and the people in those buses going to fight their corner(it almost made me proud to be English again!! However this feeling of euphoria soon dimminished when i witnessed the drunken CHILDREN humiliating what we are trying to achieve here.

Acts of violence make great news and the media just lap it up because it sells!! What we need here is for all the peace loving demonstrators to speak to their friends family colleagues and get them out their on these rallies because if we get the volume then we can drive out the CHILDREN who are staining what could be the beginning of something very REAL and not just another web based movement which in time will fade because the admin will get tired of putting their hours into a shambles at the productive end.

I left the BNP to follow the EDL because they are more pro-active,more hands on and not joining the GRAVY TRAIN!! how could you take your wife or child to something like what happened today??

Mindless moronic CHILDREN hellbent on ruining a purposefull rally and bring attention to todays....THIS COUNTRIES BIGGEST THREAT. I would like to say to the admin THANKYOU for your efforts and i am so sorry that you were let down by the CHILDREN who can't take their alchopops and their brainless followers who go along for the ride and don't give two shakes what our FOREFATHERS fought for! If you were involved in the mayhem that ensued then shame on YOU!! If you were involved in the mayhem that ensued and you are over the age of 20 then GROW UP YOU BABIES YOUR NOT WANTED NOR NEEDED!!!

You cowards attempt to take on the Police because you hide behind your assumed right to be English and therefore do as you wish?? If i were the officer in charge i would have rounded on you CHILDREN and battered the living daylights out of you!!! You CHILDREN need some discipline belting into you weed soaked brains!!!

Dear reader,i as an Englishman distance myself from the DRUNKEN CHILDREN that wear SHEEPS CLOTHING with YELLOW skin underneath.

And to the IDIOT who jumped off the barriers in some "leap of faith"into the crowd,i was praying you would snap your f**kING neck.(sorry for lowering myself to the CHILDRENS LEVEL but this is probably the only part of this posting they will understand)

Sorry to the Police for the embarrassing actions of the FEW and i hope that they too can see right through them. NEED ENGLAND TREMBLE??

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