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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Dudley Demo [by Road_Hog]

- by Road_Hog

Thankfully a bit of common sense perspective. You get the odd hiccup, it happens. Membership/cards is not the solution, you will alienate people and they will switch off, why make things more complicated than they need to be. People come to our demo's spontaneously to see what we're about and see if the media reports are real, then they joins us.

We're a loosely based populist movement, that is our strength, it is why people join us, there are no barriers, everyone (non violent) is accepted. People can do as little as they like or as much as they like, some can attend many demo's others offer words of support on the forum.

You have to ask yourself, why was London & Bolton successful? What was different to Dudley? The police force? Right from the start they were making noises about stamping any problems out, they were hyping it up. What on Earth was all the shops being boarded up about? We didn't have that at London or Bolton.

If people have to travel some distance by train/coach/cars, then held at a holding point for hours (was it 2 hours at Frankly services) then bussed in and held in a gated compound, you can understand the frustration when you're herded like livestock.

Also some of the 'fun' element is disappearing. It would appear now, that you go directly to the event under escort, kettled, and then directly back to your home transportation. Certainly at London, you could happily make your way there, stop for a couple of beers, grab a bite to eat, stretch your legs and then make your way to the event.

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