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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Dudley Demo [by Mickyboy]

- by Mickyboy

This is an appeal to all the people that got involved in the pointless attacks that was made on the police and our own edl stewards if you want to desroy possibly the one and only chance you may have in your lifetime of putting the GREAT back into britain then f**king crack on but please do it well away from official edl demos.I have read in other threads people blaming the leadership,the venue ect ect well no sorry fellas it is down to us the foot soilders we control what happens once demos/marches are underway.I attended yesterday with a group of lads which consited of a very well respected millwall guy,a respected cockney red lad from the 80s and with half a dozen of the top guys of gillinghams gate13 the point im making here is if we can attened without getting involved in pointless acts why cant we all bearing in mind the group i was with are game as f**k i will tell you why becaues we RESPECT what the edl stands for and is trying to achive and as been proved many times the police are not our enemy but have to do their job.Unlike very few others i am a realist and i know that one day we will have our fight but fellas its not now and its defently not against the police or our own edl guys that put themselves upfront to steward these events so what i would say to all you football lads amongst us lets start to help the caues by start showing more respect and guide the younger ones if we dont lads we will fail.

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