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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Dudley Demo [by Made in England]

Well that was a right fcuk up wasnt it? furthermore a degrading spectacle.

Whos great idea was it to stage the demo on flood street car parks? we couldnt get any further away from the town and what made it worse was the fact the EDL were penned in like sheep and behaving like performing monkeys for their lords and masters.

My son and i especially being born and bred in Dudley unlike most didnt allow ourselves to be herded like animals into the enclosures.

So we decided to head back to my parents house whom live along the new bypass and must say closer to the town centre that EDL were, so i was quite concerned for their safety as it was crawling with muslims and pro muslims masquerading as whites courtesy of the other filth the police whom were under strict orders of a whites only stop and search policy in which my lad and I were subjected too also.

Every entrance into Dudley was a Police check point preventing white lads from entering but allowing the influx muslims etc.

There were a group of around four EDL lads draped in St Georges flags walking up my parents road towards Dudley when suddenly around three squad cars plus a K9 unit descended on them but at the same time allowing a far bigger group of Muslims to loiter a little further down the road, my elderly father shouted over to the EDL lads to come into his home but the bastard coppers took em.

An hour or so later we heard the EDL had enough of being penned in and broke out, good for them.

For some reason they came down the bypass but were headed off by the hordes of coppers coming the opposite way so they ran up the embankments and onto to my parents road, fcuk me there must have been over a thousand EDL charging down the road closely tailed by the plod, trouble was because the lads didnt know the area they were contained and trapped in the hammerhead at the bottom of the road which had been closed off since the opening of the new bypass.

All this was down to the heavy handedness of the police and piss poor planning on the EDLs behalf.

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