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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Dudley Demo [by Anumber1]

- by Anumber1

Well anger is fine, if it is righteous there is nothing wrong with anger, it is indicative of a belief in and a passion about something. It can also be put to good use, very good use, but to flail about making a noise because one is angry is counterproductive and becomes merely hate, and hate is the most useless of emotions which will suck you in and destroy you.

If you want to be a streetfighting hero for the cause that too is fine and you may well be right when you say we may need you and your kind.

But....and here is the rub....NOT YET !!!

It is not my fault, your fault or the EDLs fault that the time is not now, but that is the damn truth my fine young chap. Flailing about full of hate will only harm the cause and that's an undeniable fact.

If the time for talking passes and things get significantly worse then you will have to join the end of what I imagine to be a very long queue to get royally stuck in. What's more if that moment comes the timing of it will probably not be decided by us. It could be any kind of event, maybe not even in this country and if it comes to pass it will doubtless be more brutal than pushing over a poxy wire fence and scampering down the road to nowhere.

Now if you are truly a patriot and a smart one you will keep your powder dry and prepare properly and truly consider what your country and its people mean to you.

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