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Friday, 30 April 2010

Defeat Islam4UK and Other Militant Muslim Groups [by Southwales]

Islam4UK, as everybody already knows, is a fundamentalist/Islamic militant apologetic group whose agenda is to turn Britain into a country similar to those of the Middle East.
They really are one of the top groups for fundamentalist Islam. Who were prepared to take their issues to the street and shamefully to the streets of Wooton Bassetts.

The point is that it is clear that Islam fundamentalism is on the rise in the UK. Otherwise such groups would not exist and there would be no "homegrown" Muslim terrorist.

Islam4UK has really made many people angry towards fundamentalism in this country. I think it is important that British citizens should be able to see in their own eyes that such groups and ideologies exist in this country.

Banning Islam4UK has only pushed that ideology underground and for what? Because the Goverment does not want patriotic and decent citizens to be angry that such ideologies exist in this country?

After all, around the controversial march, the EDL (mesage) board alone had risen to almost 1000 extra supporters in an extremely short period of time.

I really believe that "adding fuel to the fire" is important and that we should carry on exploiting this.

The point is that goverment only wants to wrap Islamic extremism/sharia law and militantism in cotton wool. They believe that by not giving them a platform, and simply banning them, they will solve a problem, which is naive and dangerous. And I can't help but feel that they would want to try and win some votes from it as well. I can imagine the filthy politicians' propaganda in the general elections:

It was not the NEO NAZI EDL, BNP that stopped Islam4uk it was us. Vote labour.

But in the reality the filthy politicians have only made the situation WORSE. They are sinking their heads in the sand.

As much as I hate Islam extremism, and I guess in some cases islam in general, I would rather the fundamentalists had a platform to express their dangerous ideas. But at the same time it is our duty to oppose them.

Basically, I believe that the scum should be able to have a free platform. I believe this because it would only alert sane-minded people, or any people who enjoy freedom, who may not have realised that Islamic extremism does exist in this country and maybe then they would decide to come on our side and do something about it.

When the scum have a platform such as marchs, demos, etc., the EDL, and sister groups, can go out in full force and oppose them whilst at the same time winning support at a local and national level for trying to do something about it.

Physically and ideologically, this way we can prove to the masses that there is a danger because Islam would countered in every aspect. The sad part is that simply because Islam4UK will be made illegal, what is to stop their radical supporters from bombing civilians because of their sick beliefs?

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