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Thursday, 1 April 2010

The BNP: Why Not?

Are all members of the BNP ‘bigots’ by definition? Perhaps some members have genuine and sincere – even if misguided – reasons for voting BNP. Similarly, perhaps new BNP members and leaders are not all 'skinheads pretending not to be skinheads'. Who knows, the BNP may have genuinely changed. Why is that possibility inconceivable?

The prime – and possibly good – reason for the council-estate working class voting for the BNP may be the utter neglect of their concerns by most of the Left and, of course, the Conservative Party.

The domain of support for the BNP may well be the ‘ignorant and uneducated’ working class. Historically, however, the German Nazi Party, for example, gained and retained its power not simply – if at all – because of the support of the ‘uneducated’ working class, but primarily because of the support of the middle class.

Such counterproductive caricature of the BNP, and the snobby and arrogant comments about the council-estate working class (whom I don’t romanticise) will do nothing to combat racism or decrease support for BNP ‘fascists’ (if they are fascists).

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