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Monday, 12 April 2010

A BNP Member on the EDL [by Anglorum]

- by Anglorum

The muslims are being used as a weapon by the Labour 'Government' to destroy what is left of our democracy, as a member of the BNP I will support anyone who cares for this country and our Christianity and our traditions.

In every country that has a large muslim influx, democracy has been undermined and we need solidarity of all sections of society who love this country to come together as one voice, as one people.

What worries me is that the EDL allow people with diverse political views so what does this yield with regards to the future?

The primary aim is to stop immigration of muslims to this country, to boot out any muslims who are working against our interests,then to make it clear to the marxist traitors in government that this is our country, our democracy and our way of life, you don't like it? go and live in China or Cuba.

Muslims are being helped by the establishment and the main parties to destroy this country,the time to stop it is now.

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