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Thursday, 1 April 2010

As Below [by Road_Hog]

Road_Hog wrote:

Well the WMP ACC seems to be somewhat biased in her views and reporting. If we look at the last demo in Bolton, something like 60 of the 74 arrested were UAF including their leader Weyman Bennett (CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT VIOLENT DISORDER). About half the UAF arrests happened before the EDL even arrived and they also let off smoke bombs. In fact the GMP ACC praised the conduct of the EDL and the work/help of their stewards.

Or we could look back at the London demo before that (Bolton & London are the two most recent EDL demos) and check the arrest record, EDL 2, UAF 48. Anyone see a pattern emerging? The UAF follow the EDL around the country looking for violence and confrontation, they are not looking for a peaceful counter protest.

So, to the people of Dudley, we're not coming to your town to create havoc, please try to see through the media and establishment propaganda, find out the facts/truth for yourself.

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