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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The War on Terrorism [by Pyrus]

- by Pyrus


clear statements from government about what the Islamic Community is expected to do in order to exist here (acceptance that there is currently a problem with Islam)

clear and honest promises to protect the Islamic Community from unfair attacks and prejudice (assurances that the problem with Islam will dealt with in a managed and controlled way)

viewings of Fitna, Obsession, and the Third Jihad in parliament

a concerted effort to encourage other EU countries to make some of the changes that we propose, and to coordinate extradiction and deportation arrangements.


recognition by legislators that the war on terror is unlike any war we have fought before and that a concerted effort is required to make clear how existing laws should be interpretted to deal with this threat

the fair application of the law - ensuring prosecutions for incitement

government intervention in high profile legal cases to combat radical left human rights lawyers from using 'human rights' to favour terrorists and terrorist sympathisers over the rights of those they want to harm

provide further clarification of what counts as a treasonous act so that prosecutions can be made on this basis

launch a formal investigation into the legality of halal practice


far tighter restrictions on the use of public money for funding Islamic organisations

withdrawal of public funding for any 'faith school' other than Christian ones

prioritise funding to Christian groups and charities

grants for anti-Islamist film makers


an organised, high profile, nationwide police clamp-down on the operation of Shariah courts, arranged in conjunction with a clear statement from government declaring that Shariah is incompatible with sovereign authority

an organised crack-down on the promotion of Shariah and the introduction of sanctions for groups found to be promoting it

counter-education on television and in schools about the dangers of Shariah*

*kids have citizenship classes now right? Rather than scaring them with tales of fascists and global warning (and teaching them to vote Labour of course), why not teach them something useful?


far greater insistence on a core curriculum that all schools (including faith schools) must abide by (this would help ensure that Muslim children aren't taught in isolation to everyone else)

priority status for new Christian schools

strict sanctions or immediate closure of any school that encourages extremism


either ban the burqah outright, or protect the rights of employers / landlords / shop owners / etc to use the wearing of the burqah as grounds for dismissal or barring from premises. (this would help make it practically impossible to wear one without being barred from any workplace / pub / shop / etc)

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