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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The View of a New Member of the EDL

I, like many other people I know, deplore mindless violence such as the type that football casuals have been associated with in the past. With this in mind I was rather apprehensive about joining the EDL on a protest.

I didn’t want to get involved in mindless violence; I have a wife and children to support. I am also a law-abiding citizen, so I was concerned that I would be branded a hooligan, Racist or Fascist being associated with this “hard core” of hooligans who would usually be ripping each other apart rather than peacefully protesting against extreme Islam together.

And I asked myself what the alternatives are, as I could see that something was wrong with Islam and the way it was infesting our country, while the "government" (do you not have to govern to earn that title) sit in their plush offices and do nothing. The obvious thought is to join a political party who would deal with this serious problem, but I am of the opinion that power corrupts and I have a problem with people from “elite” university’s always ending up being our lords and masters (we all know they do not have an ounce of common sense between them, and they do not know what life is like for the majority of the population).

Well I couldn’t have been further out with my fears. Some of the EDL do look like they have been a few rounds with Mike Tyson, but this is not a beauty contest it is a fight for our way of life and I have yet to meet anyone that has been less than civil to me or to anyone else (remember never judge a book by its cover).

Another of my fears, there were a few, I have been shaving my head for many years now. Not because I have a penchant for Doc Martins but because of the silly looking bald patches my genes have cursed me with (shaved head or a comb-over!). Will I be branded a skinhead and a Nazi? The answer to that is yes! I have been branded a Nazi and a racist, just because of how I look!

The EDL are not Nazis and racists? It looks to me as if the EDL really have this traitorous government bang to rights. The "elites" from pretty much every political party who have got us into this mess have resorted to mudslinging, the kind that is used by politicians when they are in a corner and they can see no other way of gaining the upper hand. "Throw some dirt and if it doesn't stick, keep throwing regardless of whether these people are telling the truth or not. We will brand them as racists, then people (like me) will be apprehensive of joining them". The EDL have shown them time and time again that they have people from all walks of life who attend demos. Black, White, Asian, Gay, Christian, Jew, Sikh, Atheist... The star of David is flown at every demo to show solidarity with Israel and their struggle against Islamists. Are these the characteristics of a Nazi, Racist, Fascist organisation? I'm no psychiatrist so help me out here.

It looks as though dirty politics are not only confined to the domain of the government but are also present in those groups counter-protesting against the EDL. They say that they are against fascism, i am talking about groups such as the UAF, SWP, RMT Union etc. These groups are the masters of dirty smears. They have funding from the government and other public bodies which I as a tax payer deplore. Why should I fund groups which are running smear campaigns of utter rubbish against a completely legal, totally inclusive organisation run by normal concerned citizens?! Are we not a democratic country where the people have a right to choose for themselves? Apparently not. The government funding of opposition groups against any organisation goes against everything democracy stands for, in fact it is very closely aligned with fascism itself.

So my point is, don’t be worried about attending an EDL protest or meeting. If you are not interested in a few pints that’s fine, there are many of us who don’t drink. I guarantee that you will find yourself in the middle of thousands of like minded people who love this country, and you will leave with a sense of fellowship that you have never felt before. You will have the feeling that you now have a voice and someone will have to listen to you now because you are not alone. But best of all, you will leave with the knowledge that you answered the call.

If you don't, who will?

A new EDL Member.

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