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Monday, 29 March 2010

Sharia Law in the UK Now

- by Flashbuck

The EDL are campaigning against the introduction of sharia law, and fair play to them for that.

However, it's worth pausing for a moment to consider something.

My point is that in effect sharia law is already enforced here in the UK.

I mean, apart from the fact sharia courts have already been set up, some of them even dealing with criminal matters such as stabbings, what we also have is de facto sharia law, because for example these days it's impossible to stage a play in the West End if it pokes fun at Big Mo or the koran.

All those middle class luvvies think they're brave and edgy when they put on plays having a go at America, Tony Blair, or Christianity, etc., but when it comes to Islam they're all silent. Why's that, eh?

Likewise, no newspaper in the UK dared reprint the Danish cartoons. Ha! Ha! We're supposed to have free speech and a free press and all that, but when it comes to it they haven't got the bottle. And in effect that's sharia law in operation, because of course sharia law forbids the depiction of Big Mo. Who needs parliament to pass sharia laws when such laws are already self-administered, eh?

Even Mr Private Eye, Ian Hislop, said he wouldn't reprint the cartoons. Private Eye is supposed to be the most independent of all the press, and it regularly lampoons politicians and church leaders, etc., but when it comes to printing a few Danish cartoons they're suddenly very silent at the big brave Private Eye.

Saint George's Day parades are now routinely banned, and the EDL can't even march and protest in many of the places they'd like to demonstrate. That's sharia law.

Similarly, many public swimming pools up and down the country now have special swimming sessions for muslims only. If you're a non-muslim you're not allowed to swim at such times. If you ask me, not only is that sharia law again, it's also a form of apartheid. So where are all the anti-apartheid campaigners we used to see every day on our streets, eh? Why aren't they protesting about apartheid here in the UK?

When the Home Secretary refuses to allow an elected politician (Geert Wilders) entry into the UK because muslims don't like what he says, then in effect once again we're seeing the imposition of sharia law.

Back when Salmon Rushdie published the Satanic Verses, the Ayotollah in Iran issued a fatwah which called on all muslims to silence Rushdie. But who needs Ayotollahs these days when we've got our Home Secretary doing their work? An elected politician puts out a film which muslims don't like, but they don't issue fatwahs anymore because our Home Secretary does the same thing for them. That's sharia law.

And let's not forget the halal foodstuffs that are now force fed to children in many schools. And the fact that police officers have to remove their boots and tip toe around if they enter mosque, etc.

As I say, the reality is that in effect we already have de facto sharia law here in the UK. In a recent poll 40% of muslims said they preferred sharia to British law.

So there's a definition of what constitutes a 'moderate' muslim for you, because it seems a moderate muslim is one who prefers sharia law to British law, it's just that he can't be arsed to go down to London and bomb a tube train for it.

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