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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Reasons For My Anti-Islamification Stance [by Ivan the Terrible]

Indirectly Islam killed my father. Back in 87/88 the local muslim holy man Saint pir pandariman wanted to buy a piece of the local park (fenton)to build an islamic centre. The local community got together and held a dmonstraition at the lord mayors banquet and also decided to try and buy the land themselves. They organised a charity football game and during that game my father had a heart attack while playing and died.If it wasnt for the Islamic community he wouldn't have been playing football that day so I blame them for his death.

Another reason is the many times I or my friends have been attacked by islamic gangs and the police do nothing till we have retaliated.Then the muslims say we are to blame and the law takes their side.Such as my friends 15 year oild daughter who was mugged and if she had not been able to break away from her attackers raped.The police said there was nothing they could do as putting a policeman in the park upset the the local communty leaders.

Also the unfair allocation of land to the muslims, not only did they get the land for a mosque and "community centre" for which community? They are allowed to rent the land for £1 a year.Yet we are told that this city desperately needs houses but is short of funds!

Muslims also think that any women uncovered is fair game thanks to the perverted teaching and implementation sharia law.

They sell drugs, yes this is true opium is grown in afghanistan and sold by Pakistani and Turkish gangs in the u.k. The drug users are actually funding the Taliban with the filthy heroin addictions. They use these drugs to by flash cars to attract none muslim girls christian,sikh,whatever to either convert to islam or get them hooked on drugs to use as sex slaves.

They are a dangerous fifth column they infiltrate every facet of public life and ingratiate themselves but one day the mask will slip and there he will stand dripping with his jihadist hatred.During the second world war B.U.F members were interned why not people like Anjem Choudrey section 18b Was the regulation I believe.

Sharia law is against everything our ancestors fought for. It is evil,sick and twisted.

Those are my personal reasons for my involvement


  1. Don't look at those 'muslims' who don't follow the peaceful ways of true Islam to judge the religion of Islam. Look at the Quran and read about it for yourself.
    Life and death is in God's hands and if your father died it was meant to be. His time was decreed and God took him.
    God tells people to stay away from drugs and lewdness. These people do not represent islam. You are naive to make conclusions based on a handful of people.
    MR Pandariman has done much work to bring the community together. He works tirelessly for interfaith tolerance and harmony. He is peaceful and he stands for peace. We need more people like him.

  2. Islam is a religion of peace. Pandariman is not a Muslim Saint or any sort of Saint for that matter. He is a con man who has been conning the country for the past 40 odd years. The best way anyone could have got rid of him sooner was by taking a camera into the centre to reveal fully his con. He promised all sorts of things to people so he could be paid the appointment charge.

    For all those who read this, he always said that he can fix pretty much anything. Then why not his own fraud case which had been going on for 3 and a half years. He didn't fix his own stuff because he had no powers and all the mumbo jumbo about black magic was a load of rubbish. What sort of man with black magic powers allows his daughter, niece and wife go to prison, surely he would at the very least use his powers to get them off the hook.

  3. Did Jesus and many other prophets and messengers not go to prison in the days of old?
    If Allah says stand still don't move you stand still and don't move