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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

On Islam [by Ignominius]

- by Ignominius

Islam is not a religion. It is Arab imperialist/fascist ideologies dressed with a smattering of 'religion'. Everything about Islam is not about the here-after, but the here-now and how Islam must be the dominant religion.

Whilst all other religions may be in opposition to each other in claims of truth, they are by and large peacefull towards each other. Islam is against everything, other religions, political systems, ethical standards, moral standards even the standards of empirical science.

To even compare Irish Catholocism with Islam is stupid because whilst compared to other sects of Christianity who more moderate they, the Irisih Catcholic church , do not call on it's followers to murder anyone who disagrees with them. Whilst it doesn't not like homosexuality it doesn't hate homosexuals or requires their execution. Whilst it hates people who leave the church it doesn't call for them to be murdered. The Catholic church doesn't like adultery but doesn't demand the death of the adulterers.

Islam is pure evil. It is an ideology that removes thinking and replaces it with 'revelation' to be followed irrespective of the situation and the people. It allow no brook with it's message and no alteration - so there can be no modernisation, no reformation. Once ensnared it brainwashes it's victims.

Muslims are not all evil. Most are merely what I have termed cultural muslims. They follow the religious bits, such as attending the mosque on Friday, praying 5 times a day, observing the religious festivals and generally behaving as good citizens. The moderates and extremist muslims are the ones who believe in following the socio-political edicts of the Koran to the letter. And these include fighting the Kuffar - the Infidels - whereever they are found for all time until such time Islam is victorious (which hopefully it never will).

So it's possible to hate Islam in it's entirety but like the majority

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