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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Non-Muslim Schools & Islamic Indoctrination

I was a primary school teacher, but I left a couple of years ago because we were forced to teach islam to the kids. It is so appalling. If any of you have kids, do not make them sit through these sickening lessons. If everyone got together and took their children out of those lessons, or complained, it would have to stop.

this Gov is indoctrinating our children with islamic lies and propaganda, known as "taqqiya".

Ask to see the religious curriculum, you are entitled to.

Also, be aware of "charities". I found this in the Sunday Times Style mag. Usually it is just fashion and gossip. However, in recent months Saudi arabia has bought large chunks of News International, which is also part owned by Rupert murdoch and publishes the Sun, News of World Times, and Fox news in USA.

Now they are starting with the indoctrination. Its on page 17 of style mag.

"Ctrl.Alt.Shift, the hip and secular arm of Christian Aid....'typically those who give to charity are a small, white, middle-class group'says Katrin Owusu(she insults, belittles and tries to DIVIDE here, and LIES)

So they are moving away from the Christian part, which is the important message.

Next, opening photo of "American rave juxtaposed with a Palestinian one", just so people know what side their supposed to be on.

She continues: "Our primary aim is raising awareness(for what?), countering apathy and politicising a new generation...Its what will bring about change".(does she mean the sort of change that Obama has brough to the US??)

"give and ye shall receive - it's kinda Christian. Just don't tell the kids."

This is sick making: this is a Christian country. This is the stealth jihad.

Also, interestingly in Sunday times 28 feb, on other side of letters page, article by "Sameena Patel", about how Gov is employing foreign lawyers to the CPS, who can bearly speak English. This is true scandal! Racially discriminating against White people.

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