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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Muslims in the UK (3) [by jrm81]

- by jrm81

One thing to bear in mind is that most extremist Muslims were born here. I've just finished reading 'from fatwa to jihad: the rushdie affair and its legacy' by Kenan Malik. Really good book that explains how a lot of the older Muslim immigrants who came here in 50s-70s didn't see their religion as the motivating force in their lives. They came here as economic migrants and a lot of them weren't that bothered about religion at all.

But multi-cultural policies from the 80s onwards have encouraged immigrants to identify themselves primarily by their ethnicity and their religion and to organise into groups along those lines in order to win funding for whatever 'community project' floats their boat.

Many young Muslims initially rejected their parents culture and religion but became disillusioned with life in Britain, the racism they encountered, the political parties, the trade unions etc and things like the Satanic Verses debacle made them start identifying strongly with Islamism.

Malik also claims that the new breed of British born Muslims have forged their own version of Islam that differs from the traditional sort e.g. no forced marriages, they choose their own husbands and wives and women are encouraged to get educated and participate in public life while still wearing the veil as a badge of Islam. It's much more politically radical than the religion practised by their parents. On the al-muhajiroun website they're saying on video that there is no true Islamic country in existence today. They don't want to go to another country, they want all the advantages of this country but to be in control of it.

In a nutshell, they're British and we're stuck with them.

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