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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Muslims in the UK (2) [by Fordman]

- by Fordman

Its called uncontrolled immigration, combined with the fact that some of the uncontrolled immigrants happen to believe that they should kill people that do not agree with their beliefs.
See the Labor government decided to over run the country with immigrants and then give them anything they wanted in the way of benefits. This is a very easy way to get a large voter block and secure power. It is extremely effective, especially when combined with the tactic of calling anyone who dares to question the large number of immigrants entering the country as racist therefore demonizing the opposition .

This is only possible when you have the media on your side instead of doing their job and being objective. The fact is the media have been taken over by P.C. policies and left wing ideology over several decades and now it almost impossible to find objective reporting.

The reason that this is all so clear to me is that here in the States we are a few years behind Europe but the leaders here are following the same path.

It is almost a carbon copy except that here the Democrats (read Labour) are letting Mexicans and south Americans in at a rate that is producing the same effect, namely no assimilation.

See if immigration is controlled like it was in the 60s and 70s, then as immigrants come into the country they blend in or assimilate and live like the natives, contribute and integrate. But when the government ignores the will of the people and just opens the floodgates,the new immigrants congregate together and live just like they did in their homeland. Pretty soon they start demanding that we bend to their way of living instead of them adjusting to ours, and our great government, not wanting to lose their trusty voting block will do every thing in their power to keep them content and thinking that they are on their side(Ken livingstone).

Unfortunately it is very difficult to stand up to this unfettered immigration policy without being called a racist and by the time the people that are not politically aware start taking notice it is too late. You are never going to back to the way it was . All you can do is try to be active and work with what you have got.

And I think that is why we are here...

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