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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Inayat Bunglawala of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB)

(Image to left:
Inayat Bunglawala,
with beard.
Image below:
The lovely
Arsebishop of Dibley
& Canterbury and well-known
defender of Sharia Law,
Rowan 'Robbie' Williams,
without beard.)


Inayat Bunglawala is media secretary for the Muslim Council of Not Great Britain. (Bunglingwala has said that ‘Britain is not Islamic enough to be called “great”’.) He has written articles for many national newspapers, all of which have shown him to be ‘a thoroughly nice chap’. Even the editor or the Sun has said of Inayat:

‘He hasn’t even got a beard. So he can’t be a terrorist or even an Islamist.’

He has written mainly for the Guardian, where he joined its little cell (or groupuscle) of Islamists who frequently write for this newspaper. (Usually on how terrible ‘secular Britain’ is and how the ‘Israeli state is the worst country since Hitler’s Germany because it has killed over six million Palestinians, has built more Palestinian concentration camps than the Nazis and that Likud members have made many lampshades out of the skins of dead Palestinian children’.)

He has also written on current affairs, including on soap operas and Celebrity Cook. From such work, the famous logician and politically-unbiased philosopher, Ted Honderich, has formulated this logical (conditional) formula:

If Bunglingwalah, a Muslim, loves popular culture, then Islam must be a lovely religion.

Although he wants to ban all pop music, or ‘at least the sexy stuff’, he still loves Tricky and the Shadows. He would not ban classical music, but he would ban ‘Islamophobic works such as St. Mathew’s Passion by J.S. Bach’. Since Mohamed did not have many good things to say about music, Idiot sees this as his ‘religious duty’.

Bunglingwala is also an activist for ‘Islamic concerns’ such as ‘the Islamification of Britain, the introduction of sharia, the killing of Salman Rushdie, the banning of short skirts, and the public Crucifixion of all known atheists (especially Richard Dawkins and the Arsebishop of Dibley & Canterbury Rowan ‘Robbie’ Williams)’. The ‘prime concern’, however, is ‘gaining more power for Muslims’, considering, as he put it, ‘Muslims are the majority in the UK, at over two million people’. And ‘just as the Zionists/Jews have over three hundred MPs to reflect their interests, so Muslims should have at least every other MP to reflect their own interests’.

Bunglingwalah joined Young Muslims UK in 1987. He promised these yoofs that he ‘wouldn’t ban the driving of untaxed cars in Bradford, the pimping of white girls and the selling of heroin and crack to the kafir in pursuit of the Drug Jihad’. They are also allowed to ‘listen to gangsta rap, as long as their parents don’t know about it and they supported him and the Muslim Council of Not Great Britain’.

Bunglingwala is also a co-presenter of the weekly Politics and Media Show on the Islam Channel. Inayat has presented items on how to build effigies of massive-nosed Jews (in response to 'Gaza') and documentary proof that all British Parties are funded by the Israelis. He has also worked with Muslim yoof on a project to turn the words of Osama bin Laden (whose work he has previously championed, see later section) into yoof-friendly gangsta rap.

What Else Does Bunglawala Actually Do?

Inayat's views as media secretary for the Muslim Council of Britain are often quoted in the press. Some critics have noted a ‘media obsession’with Lovely Inayat and have said that ‘he only actually represents, in reality, about two hundred Muslims’. Still, ‘like Richard & Judy, he looks good on TV and will do Islamism the world of good’. Some fans have said that ‘his beardlessness is particularly appealing and quite simply proves that he is not an extremist’.

He often discusses matters of religion as well as politics on this show and in other arenas. This, according to Inayat, is a statement of the obvious because according to both himself and Islam itself: ‘The political is the religious, and the religious is the political.' Thus ‘the state of Birmingham’s sewers has a religious aspect’ just as ‘the 45th hadith should be discussed in the House of Commons’.

Tackling the Wrong Kinds of Extremism in All Weathers

Despite accusations of anti-Semitism, Bunglingwala was selected as one of seven ‘conveners’ for a Home Office Task Force with responsibilities for tackling extremism among young Muslims. In terms of the accusations of his anti-Semitism, Inayat says he is ‘only anti-Zionist, not anti-Semitic’; and ‘only Jewish scum would say otherwise’. The reasons for his anti-Zionism are that ‘Israel is the worst state since Hitler’s Germany and it has killed even more people than Stalin’. In addition, ‘Israel has invaded at least twenty-five Arab countries and nuked both Northern Iran and Syria’.

His Home Office Task Force role was to ‘change the extremist allegiances of young Muslims’ to extremist allegiances which Bunglingwala was in favour of. In addition, he ‘trained and taught young Muslim extremists to hide their extremism’, a la himself, and ‘gave them lessons on how to appear on Question Time, how to use references to X Factor in tabloid articles, and, most importantly of all, how to shave one’s beard and thus prove one’s moderate credentials’.

However, as has happened before, the British Government soon realised that the ‘moderates’ it appointed to sort out ‘Muslim extremists’ were as extreme as the extremists. But there was one profound difference, Idiot said, between these extremist Muslims and their moderate extremist reformers, and that was that ‘the moderate reformers did not have long beards, hooks for hands or eye patches’. Indeed, they did not even have mild goattee beards! Thus, again, ‘their moderation was quite simply proved’, according to the Guardian.

Bunglawala also rejects these ‘anti-Semitic’ accusations as ‘a traditional Zionist tactic’ aimed to ‘silence critics of Israel’, as he's a outspoken defender of what he feels is Israeli oppression of the Palestinians. He is not, as critics point out, ‘an outspoken defender on the animists and Christians in the Sudan, the Christians in Pakistan, the Buddhists in Southern Thailand, the Christians in Indonesia and the Philippines, the Christians in Nigeria and Somalia’, and so on. As he himself said:

‘I have no no right to interfer in the domestic policies of foreign countries, except if that foreign country is the US or Israel’.

He also said that the ‘oppression of Muslims hurts more than the oppression of Christians, Buddhists and animists’. However, ‘the Muslims of Syria, Iran, Turkey and Iraq do have the right to oppress Muslim Kurds because the oppressors are also Muslim’. As for the Chinese oppression of Tibetans, Inayat said that ‘it can’t be that bad because the Tibetans don’t have suicide bombers’. In any case, he ‘can’t be bothered with those yellow slant-eyed infidels’.

Their proposals for that Home Office Task Force included:

i) A National Advisory Council of Imams and Mosques. This advised mosques on how to prevent them being used by ‘the wrong kind of extremist’. For instance, Sunni extremists rather than Shia extremists (or vice versa). Or extremists ‘who stupidly say that they are “radicals” rather than “moderates”’. Other advice included how to reduce their reliance on using ministers of religion from abroad. Thus ‘not calling attention to themselves, as home-grown British extremists would not do’.

ii) A national forum against extremism and Islamophobia.Critics say that ‘Islamophobia is a result of Islamic extremism’. However, Idiot says that ‘Islamic extremism is a result of Islamophobia’. Idiot stresses ‘the intolerable fact that there is at least four Islamophobic attacks each year in Britain’. The fact that there are more anti-Jewish attacks in Europe and Britain is ‘a Zionist lie’, according to Bunglingwala.

iii) A country-wide ‘roadshow’ of influential, populist religious scholars. The influential, populist religious scholar Anjem Choudary carried this roadshow to Birmingham recently, as was widely reported when he converted a 13year old Christian schoolboy to Islam (after telling him that ‘eternal pain would await him in hell’ if he ‘didn’t convert’).

Home Secretary Charles Clarke wrote the following in response to all Inayat’s good work:

‘I am grateful to the working groups for drawing up such constructive ideas, such as voting for New Labour and for voting for me personally. We look forward to more votes from Muslims and continuing the dialogue with Muslim communities about the need to vote for New Labour. We also support work on encouraging Muslims to vote for New Labour. Finally, as we all know, the Conservative Party will deport all Muslims, even second- and third-generation Muslims. New Labour, on the other hand, promises to build at least fifty mosques each year as well as allowing Muslims to implement sharia law everywhere except Islington and all the other nice places in which New Labour cabinet ministers like myself live.’

Idiot’s Moderate Political Views

i) Inayat has commented that many Muslims believed the UK’s involvement in wars against Afghanistan and Iraq were a ‘key contributory factors in the radicalisation’ of many young Muslims. Critics have replied by saying that the ‘real key contributory factor in the radicalisation of some young Muslims was Idiot’s own determination to keep going on about the “anti-Islamic wars” in Iraq and Iran as well saying that these wars are “radicalising young Muslims”’. Many British Thai Buddhists have also been radicalised by the Islamic jihad against their families in Southern Thailand but haven’t blown any non-Buddhists up yet.

ii) Idiot has been strong critic of US and Israeli foreign. He is also critical of all non-Muslim Governments. He is not critical, therefore, of the enlightened policies of the Islamic Government of Sudan in Dafur and southern Sudan. He is not critical of the Muslims of Pakistan and Indonesia enlightened attempts to burn down Christian churches and generally kill Christians. He is not critical of the enlightened Jihad against Buddhists in southern Thailand. And so on.

iii) He has said that ‘the US government needs to demonstrate that it is prepared to be more even-handed in its relations with Muslims and Muslim countries by giving them everything they want and then to start concentrating on Anglican and Buddhist terrorists for a change’.

iv) Regarding the torture of Iraqis at Abu Ghraib by US soldiers, Idiot said: ‘I think this type of activity of US forces will only further anger the Muslims of Iraq.’ As for the many critics who have mentioned ‘the far worse torture of Muslims - by Muslims! - in virtually every Islamic country in the world’, Idiot has responded by saying that he ‘only has time to deal with the torture of Muslims by the kafir… sorry, by non-Muslims’. And, the fact that Guantanamo Bay is far better than most of the torture centres in Arab and Muslim countries is ‘another Zionist lie perpetuated by people who think that Muslims are hypocrites and liars’.

Idiot Gets in the Shit Again

Inayat opposed and oposses the banning of Hizb ut-Tahrir under the new UK anti-terror laws because he says that banning them will only encourage his own supporters to support them. In any case, Inayat also says that ‘the Hizb is actually very much influenced by the Liberal Party and Germain Greer’. Critics have said that Hizb ut-Tahrir ‘can’t be effectively criticised for taking the Koran literally by someone, Inayat, who takes the Koran literally himself’. Idiot also claims that ‘there is too much attention given to Muslim terrorists and no attention at all given to Jain terrorists and Anglican terrorists’.

In January 1993, Bunglawala wrote a letter to Private Eye in which he called the blind Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman ‘courageous’ and a ‘good liberal gay-boy’. After Rahman's arrest on charges of masterminding the bombing of the World Trade Centre in New York in July that year, Mr Bunglawala guessed that it was only because of his ‘calling on Muslims to fulfil their duty to Allah and to fight against oppression and oppressors everywhere’. Five months before the September 11, 2001 attacks, Bunglawala also circulated writings of Osama bin Laden, whom he called a ‘freedom fighter’, ‘supporter of women’s collectives’ and ‘animal rights activist’ to hundreds of Muslims in Britain.
He also strongly objects to the use of the phrase ‘Islamic terrorism’, and demands that Osama bin Laden be described not as an ‘Islamic’ or ‘Islamist’ terrorist but as an ‘international’ or even a ‘truth-loving terrorist’. He went to say that

‘although Osama bin Laden reads the Koran every day and Islam controls every aspect of his life and beliefs, and that the Koran encourages the extermination of infidels, Islam itself has nothing to do with what he is doing – it is all about oppression and stuff like that. You know, that stuff the lefties tend to go on about.’

Bunglawala Stabs Someone for Islam

On December 13, 2008, Bunglawala was taken into custody following a violent confrontation at his home with an intruder, who was stabbed during the early-morning scuffle. On March 17, 2009, the Crown Prosecution Service (the CPS’s official motto is: ‘Embrace violent diversity’) said they would not take any action against Bunglawala. No legal action was taken against him because, as the Crown Prosecution Service put it:

‘According to Islam, Praise Be Upon It, that is, according to Bunglawala’s religion, one is allowed to stab non-Muslims, as well as crucify them and blow them up when the need arises.’

To which the media and politicians said: ‘Well, that’s OK then.’


Non-Muslim defenders of Idiot Bunglingwalah (including the Guardian, the Guardian, a few men in white linen suits - with garlic breath - from Islington and the Socialist Workers Party) have asked:

‘Why on earth would anyone think Inayat Bunglawala an ‘extremist’ just because he circulated the writings of Osama bin Laden (a ‘freedom fighter’), called the blind Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman ‘courageous’ and has called for all Muslims to wage a holy war against all non-Muslims and all non-Muslim states. All he is actually doing is fighting against oppression. And what’s wrong with that?’

However, critics have said:

‘He doesn’t actually fight against “the oppression” of non-Muslims by Muslims, or even Muslims by Muslims, or indeed any other kind of oppression which doesn’t feature Muslims.'

Inayat has responded to this accusation by saying that he ‘is too busy to do that kind of stuff’.


Quotes from Inayat Bunglawala - Idiot’s World:

‘No one has the right not to be offended.’

‘We are especially concerned that senior Islamic scholars will be barred from the UK purely on the basis of media witch-hunts orchestrated by the numerous Israeli elements in every British newspaper other than the Guardian and Socialist Worker. Why shouldn’t Islamic scholars praise suicide bombers and call for the sharia-isation of Britain? It is there “demoncratic” right!’

‘Those “extremist” comments by me were made some 12 or 13 days ago. All of us may hold opinions which are objectionable to Question Time or the Daily Mail, but they change over time. I certainly would not defend those comments today on Question Time or in the Daily Mail.’

‘I think Muslims are surprised that many Christians don't take their faith or their god so seriously. Why don’t Christians bomb Mecca or Islamabad or stone their disobedient women to death a bit more?’

‘These newspaper editors in Denmark and elsewhere should have exercised better judgement when they printed the cartoons of the Prophet, Peace Be Beneath Him. This situation is ripe for exploitation by extremists like myself, Inayat Bunglawala. I hope to encourage some fully-democrat assassinations and riots in the days to come.’

‘This particular U.S. administration - and every other administration that has ever existed in the US, as well as every non-Muslim government around the world and throughout history - has upset many Muslims in the UK and around the world ... so it is not particularly surprising that the visit to a Blackburn mosque has had to be cancelled because I have actively encouraged Islamic riots, which will be fully democratic and in accordance with the edicts of the Koran.’

‘This is a very delicate situation which is ripe for exploitation by me and the Muslim Council of Britain. Yes, this does indeed play into the hands of Muslim extremists like myself and the Muslim Council of Britain. Many people at Friday prayers will want to express their anger, but we say do it within the law…unless that law is against assassinations, riots, suicide bombs, etc. In which case we have full democratic rights to do exactly what we like, qua Muslims.’

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