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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Guide to Crushing Extremist Islamism [by Silo]

- by Silo

After holding debates with particularly muslims and doing enough research on Fundamental Extremism I want to give out some very helpful information that may be in the interests of every member who wants to legally do something about Fighting fundamentalist behaviour in this country that also creates and fuels discrimination against peoples of all races and religions whilst creating separatism. After I raise some critical points of interest in numerical order, I will give specific outlines of how you can raise concerns through your God given rights legally if you feel you have been discriminated against by a particular group of people regardless of race.

---=[What Is Separatism And How Is Extremist Behaviour Discriminatory?]=---

Seperatism is a particular group of people may seek seperate sets of rules and attitudes towards their people and even to gain more rights. Both Fundamentalist Islamic Extremist behaviour encourages seperatism as it encourages for people to get their own set of rules, rights, permissions in society and from the government as if they are somehow "special". This is HIGHLY DISCRIMINATORY and creates divides in races and religions rather than encouraging integration and united the people of the country under One Flag, The Union Jack.

This constant "cry baby" behaviour of wanting more rights, more permission, more freedoms is VERY disciminatory as if other people do not have the same equal rights creates a divide in society and fuels extremist behaviour. Had enough of hearing about cry babies whining that they dont have enough rights to practice their "faith"? Then read what YOU can do if you feel you are being discriminated against as every citizen should be equal and be subject to the same treatment regardless of race or religion.

As we mentioned above that Extremist behaviour from any belief system will likely ask and seek for more rights and freedoms above other religious groups, if you feel you notice it in the areas im going to outline, then please feel free to use your God given rights to do something about it as well protesting. Hopefully these guidelines if followed by enough people should be enough to force extremist 'citizens' to integrate and behave like civil human beings.

---=[Commonly Seen Seperatist Ideology In Britain To Stop]=---

1) "Faith" Schools - If you beleive there is a school that wants to segregate children and furhter fuel seperatism rather then integration and you may be concerned about extremist ideology being taught to pupils or that anti-democratic hate speec and blatent discrimination against people of other races/religions are being taught, petition against closure of places like this, prevent places like this from being built in the first place, OR protest and petition against public tax payer funding being given to places of this nature and purpose and demand that they operate strictly from private funds.

2) Seperate Swimming Sessions For Religious Groups - If you feel you are being discriminated against by people of any relgious system asking for, or have their own swimming hours for people of ONLY their religious group, you should not stand for this type of fundamentalist attitude and should COMPLAIN to your local council immediately and demand that seperate swimming pool sessions for religious groups be stripped out as this creates divides between ethnic and religious groups and serves no purpose for creating or encouraging Integration but fuels Separatist extremism and discriminates against your religious convictions. Also mention that seperate swimming sessions for Women and Men are acceptable but that religious divides should NOT be encouraged and tolerated as they discriminate against people of all races, genders and religious beliefs

3) Toilet And Washroom Facilitys Specially For Particular Religious Groups - Toilet and washroom facilitys that are built specifically to cater and encourage usage by people of any particular "religious group" Has no place in Britain regardless of what any religious groups say. Every British citizen should have the right to use ANY washroom facility and there should not be facilitys made that are dedicated in public places for use to faciliate ANY relgious group simply because its not needed, and this only serves to put one group of people regardless of race, before other British Citizens, and Neither should they be built in a particular way so as not to cause offense to a minority of people as again this faciliates favoratism and discriminates against rights of other people who want to "pee freely" so to speak.

4) Removal Of Certain Foods From School Menus - If you know of any schools that have removed any particular products from their menu's for the simple reason that it offends any particular religious group, demand that these food products be re-instated back into the school menu's. Not only is this very selfish and unfair on Children of other religious beliefs who may want to eat those foods, but against this fuels Seperatism and makes particular religious groups that they have more rights compared with other Equally British Citizens. Write letters to ANY schools that you feel have done this and DEMAND that they re-instate foods that were removed simply for the sake of "causing allaeged offense" to a particular religious group and STATE that this actions have OFFENDED you and YOUR RELIGIOUS beliefs and is discriminatory against ALL other pupils of other religions.

5 - Places of Worship That May Encourage Extremist Ideology - If you feel there is a place of worship for any particular religious group that may create religious tensions but also be preaching extremist ideology against the interests of this country or something that is discriminatory and hateful against other religious groups, make sure that places like this DO NOT receive public funding from taxpayers, get in touch with your councils and raise your objections to them.

6) Special Prayer Breaks In Places Of Employment - If you feel a religious group are being given unfair advantage over other employee's by getting extra breaks under the grounds that they need to pray or even attend to any other religious activities whereas other religious groups are not being given the same treatment, demand that these rights for any group be revoked since it discriminates against other employee's unfairly. Afterwell we go to work to work, not to attend to our religious convictions. Write in to your employers, and gather petitions from your co-workers and other people to remove "special treatment" to any religious group as its unfair to other groups of people regardless of race.

7) TaxPayer Funding That Benefits A Religious Group - If you beleive that you are being discriminated against by your local councils funding being given to hands of a particular religious group that benefits them and creates unequal ground in society by favorating them rather than equally giving funding to people of various races and religious groups as a whole and not rather any particular ethnic community from public funds as this will only create increase in racial and religious hatred and serve no purpose to help integration contrary to poular stupid belief.

8) "Multi-Faith" Graveyards - In Tower Hamlets im sure a many of you are aware there was an issue regarding a religious group wanting to blatently disrespect the British Dead by digging up over 300,000 graves and create whats known as another crock term, "multi-faith" GraveYard. If you feel that this will ultimately only favour one particular religious group and discriminate burial of dead british citizens of another religious belief, please do complain about this to the appopriate authoritys. This serves no purpose even in a multicultural society here in Britain, we do NOT need seperate graveyards for religious groups, neither do we need seperate sections for burying people of particular religious beliefs together whilst disrespecting and indirectly disciminating against other dead people and there familys. do NOT let this happen, we do not need multi-faith graveyards, graveyards are supposed t have people of all races and religions buried PEACEFULLY all in one place, we do NOT need separatist behaviour here and should NOT be tolerated.

9) Removal Of School Stories For Children On Grounds Of Insensitivity - If you feel your children are being deprived the right to be able to read or have certain stories read to them by teachers under FALSE and HIGHLY discriminatory grounds such as "Insensitivity", Please do not stand for this kind of rubbish from any religious group. Complain to your schools and petition with other parents and demand a meeting be gathered at school by parents to have any fictional Kids Stories re-instated simply because removing them is VERY INSENSITIVE towards the majority of pupils who have a right to listen to them, and that no religious group should have any more rights then other pupils of other religions and they should ALL be treated equally, respect is one thing, but using crock terms such as Insensitivity should be unacceptable as this impedes on the FREE RIGHTS of the other pupils of all other religious groups to be able to listen to these stories. State that this only fuels sepatism and makes religious groups feel they are more better and special than other pupils and only serves to create a biased education system.

---=[What You Can Do About It]=---

If your fed up of other religious groups breeding insensitivity, intolerance, discrimination and fueling separatism whilst wanting more rights, permissions, special religious facilitations that ONLY seek to give dominance to that particular religious group of people, these are some ways other then protests that you can get your voice heard legally.

1) petition, petition and petitions. Get petitions from friends, family, over the Internet, setup groups and campaigns on social networks, get petitions from local residents who share the same concerns, get petitions from employee's or co-workers and raise specific concerns very clearly and assert that its discriminatory and is creating intolerance and only seeks to increase extremist fundamentalism.
2) Email councillors, write them letters of concern, go online and get these details from your local council website and make sure your concerns are addressed to people in prominent places that will be willing to take issues further.
3) Email and write letters your MP's, speak to them over the phone in necessary and raise your concerns and let them know you have petitions and have other people who are extremely concerned about issues like this.
4) Speak to your local police officers or community patrol officers about extremist behaviour from any religious group and demand that issues be resolved and taken seriously and not brushed aside for the reason of not "upsetting the local community"
5) Write letters into your schools about issues and email them and demand a meeting with the headmaster/headmistress of the school to discuss these issues with other parents.
6) Speak to your local Mayor or Mayoress about issues that concern you and you feel are harming your rights by giving special treatment to other religious groups and demand to take things further with a higher authority if these issues are not resolved.
7) If you have an extremist issue with the law and you beleive a group of radical fundamentalists are robbing, thugging, hurting or trying to attack any other people for no reason whatsoever, demand from officers that this not be left alone and something be done about this properly, make sure you get a Crime Reference number if possible or get the persons involved to get one, and demand if this is not resolved and taken care of that you WILL write and contact a Higher Police authority to have this issue resolved.


8) The Media - The Media IS our BIGGEST Weapon. Period. The government use the media daily to spread lies and disinformation, its about time we used the Media to our advantage to spread the Truth because this is what will set us Free! If None of the Doors listed above give an answer When you Knock on the Doors of Justice, be sure to remind the people you are writing to that if something is not done for the concerning situation, that you WILL take this issue further to the local and national media. Nobody likes bad press, and you'll find they will be quick to give you attention.

Also, if you feel an issue related to ones ive outlined, or something similar has happened to you or something that has concerned you regarding fundamentalist extremism, be sure to take this yourself to the Media. You can write a letter (even anonymous) to your local Paper, get online and find the email address of the Writers for your Local Paper, and email them ALL and bombard them with your issue until it gets attention. Also do the same for Any major or local TV Station or National Newspaper, get the names and addresses of the Writers and Journalists, as well as email addresses, and start sending out your issues to them and let them print it and we'll see a rapid awakening among the British Public like never before. I Guarantee this.

---=[Final Thoughts]=---

Guys, please be sure that in any protests that you do, try to keep topics targeted and highly focused on particular issues and not jump around or be vague by saying general stuff like "Terrorist get out of Britain" ... DO NOT stoop to the level of Extremist Islamic Ideology, and do NOT use foul language in protests , avoid using foul gestures to ANY other protesting group or organization regardless of how bad they may be, if we say we are peaceful, act peaceful. The First Impression Is THE BEST Impression. Do not give the media ANY foothold to brand you as racists, and do NOT allow neo-nazi's to join hands with you, this simply DISRESPECTS the Very thing our British soldiers fought for. If you see any idiots doing nazi salutes, BOOT THEM from your group and DO NOT associate with racists or give them ANY ground if you are truely not racist. If we stoop to the level of other religious groups and get angry or use bad language or act like thugs, we truely are NO different and will never be different then these people.

I hope that this advice is not taken lightly, as bitter as this is, I think you guys need to focus now on making sure protests are much more civil, organized, drop the alcohol and DO NOT allow thuggish behaviour because YOU WILL attract the lower class public to join hands with you, and create an increase in people who simply want to boot out the non-whites from Britain. Please I urge you, take this seriously and start to target the middle class of people, and you WILL attract more right people, and gain more political advantage so that our voices can be heard and NOT dampened down. If people dont follow this advice, I sincerely think there wont be a bright future for the EDL as we hope there will be. Lets have the change, and lets use the media as our biggest weapon and WE WILL see rapid increases in genuine people wanting to join for genuine reasons.

God Bless and Please circulate this to friends, email this around on social networking lists, forward it to your contacts who share these concerns and use this as a guide.

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