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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Countries Which Support Terrorism [by AgeofEnlightenment]

I think you'll find a contrast and difference in support for islamic terrorism when it comes to the few that are democratic or economically prospering as opposed to the ones run by hardline theocrats and terrorists. Take Turkey as an example compared to Egypt, Algeria, Somalia, Morocco, Afghanistan, etc...

The more democratic and productive (economically speaking) their country is, the less they are inclined to support terrorism; let alone go out and kill themselves in the name of their religion. Interesting though that Pakistan only has 38% support, despite the enormous dysfunctionality of that country, and it being the birth place of Al-Qaeda. Probably has something to do with the enormous amount of aid it gets and that it is more economically productive than say it's neighbour; Afghanistan. Throwing mony at a problem like this is counter-productive though, a bit like pouring water on an overloaded nuclear reactor.

If the numbers are true, then one thing needs to be taken into consideration:

What is the likelihood that every single person who supports the idea of islamic terrorism or jihad is a demagogue or a mad mullah in sheeps clothing? When you look at an example like Turkey, it seems marginal. Those who are these same lunatics will be most likely less than 10%, or perhaps 5% of the 20% figure. Most who probably voted in favor could be misguided youth, Turkish nationalists, muslims who don't understand islamic terrorism, jihad, or maybe their religion in general and think it's a noble feat, people who think what the west perceives to be terrorists are just freedom fighters, etc...

Yet in the case of Lebannon, given it's recent history with islamic terrorism; I am not surprised. You get the picture.

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