Tuesday, 30 March 2010

British Values?

- by Martin Dawes

What do I mean by British values?

Where to start.

Okay, I was shocked by the release of the Lockerbie bomber on compassionate grounds. Disgusted at the people that let this happen. I didn't then decide to hijack a plane and fly into a building.

I was appalled at the release of convicted IRA terrorists in a 'peace' agreement. I didn't then decide to strap a bomb to myself and murder dozens of innocent people on a train.

I am frequently dissapointed by the lack of punishment given out by courts. I don't then take to the streets and demand the murder of all judges.

I am dismayed that laws are passed which limit free speech and the criticism of religion. My response to this has never been to plot a mass murder in a nightclub.

My country, its people, the Queen, our government, our history is constantly criticised both here and worldwide. Our response to this has never been to demand the murder of those that criticise us.

Nothing justifies the evil that your horrific and backward religion imposes on us. NOTHING.

Do you get it now?

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