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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Bolton Demo [by EDL]

The English Defence League (EDL) now has two successful peaceful demonstrations, London and Bolton, under its belt. Its new stewarding system has worked well, and relations between EDL members and the police has, overall it would appear, been excellent. There were many friendly conversations between EDL members and the ‘boys in blue’ and good banter. I even witnessed a conversation between an EDL member and a Policeman who had discovered a can of Stella amongst the EDL member’s possessions at Manchester Piccadilly railway station. The Policeman explained that he would have to dispose of the offending alcohol and there was even good banter and understanding between them when he proceeded to pour the offending liquid onto the side of the railway.

The hysteria from left wing groups who have predicted violence and disorder from the EDL has been proved for the nonsense that it is. I notice that an article about the forthcoming Dudley demonstration is tinged with the same hysterical nonsense. In light of recent events, mainstream politicians need to start to speak out about the real threat of violence and disorder that comes from the UAF and Islamic extremism. Instead of backing the UAF, and giving comfort to Islamic extremists, they should be stating that it is the UAF and Islamic extremism, and not the EDL, that is not welcome in the towns and cities where they supposedly represent local people.

It seems that the Labour movement, of which I was once part, has thoroughly lost its way and become a threat to freedom rather than its champion. The unions in particular should be ashamed of their association with UAF thuggery and should stick to representing the interest of workers rather than embarking on Marx-inspired escapades in our towns and cities and wasting their members’ money. If they are going to spend scarce resources they should spend them on buying books about Islam, reading the Quran, studying Islamic history and taking note of the way Islam interacts with the various cultures it comes into contact with across the contemporary world. By reaching a suitable level of education in this field and actually opening their eyes to what is going on in the world they may finally come to realise what the EDL are so justifiably worried about. Unions should themselves be standing up against Islamic extremism that is a threat to them as much as the rest of us. has produced a list of signatories to the UAF founding statement that lists the names of various MPs and union leaders. It is perhaps not unsurprising that the name David Cameron MP appears on the list. After the violence perpetrated by the UAF in Bolton the other day, ‘Dave’ should perhaps be doing everything he can to distance himself from them. So far this does not appear to have taken place so voters in this year’s general election may have to make their own judgement about what this tells them about the motives and character of this would-be Prime Minister.

The UAF must be really embarrassed about its lack of impact in Bolton, it seems that all they wanted to do was have a punch up and when the EDL sensibly did not oblige they started on the police. Many EDL members were still socialising in the pub when news of the UAF charging the police line reached their ears. The reaction was very much the cool and considered response of Sir Francis Drake when he heard about the Spanish armada. They continued to slowly drink their pints and continue with their conversations. It seems as though the UAF is now regarded as irrelevant in EDL circles and members have the good sense not to respond to UAF provocation.

As ever, the Bolton demonstration was attended by a good cross-section of the British public. People had travelled from all over the country. There were people from many social and ethnic backgrounds who came together in a celebration of their shared British identity and to renew their commitment to each other as citizens of the same country. It seems that the EDL is succeeding in uniting people while to powers-that-be continue their efforts to sow division and discord. Perhaps that is why the EDL annoys our rulers so much!

Of course, even though it was the UAF that cause the trouble in Bolton many newspapers seemed very reluctant to make this fact absolutely clear, and seemed very unwilling to provide the stinging criticism of the UAF which that organisation thoroughly deserved. The UAF purports to be a respectable organisation, but its behaviour suggests otherwise. It is time for decent people to dissociate themselves from this violent left wing fringe group, and learn to think for themselves rather than regurgitate received propaganda. The BBC coverage seemed to be conveyed through clenched teeth since they did not have anything of substance with which they could criticise the EDL. How about praising EDL’s conduct for a change BBC? EDL members pay the licence fee too, and therefore contribute to the wages of your apparently biased journalists. Despite what those who run it may think, the BBC is not supposed to be the British equivalent of the Soviet News Agency TASS with the purpose of ridiculing every original thought and suppressing every opinion that contradicts the blinkered opinions of the political establishment.

The EDL leadership should be praised for their excellent organisational efforts in both London and Bolton. They have presided over orderly and peaceful events that have been fun to participate in and they have managed to sideline those individuals who want to cause trouble. Trouble makers, that don’t care about the values, principles, and goals of an organisation, always lurk on the edges of any mass movement and the ability to isolate and discourage such people is a sign of good organisation and leadership. I look forward to the demonstration in Dudley which will undoubtedly build on the success of Bolton and propel the EDL to new levels of success and influence. I have no doubt that the EDL will have a place in the history books for all the right reasons.

Source - International Civil Liberties Alliance

There were 72 arrests on the day. 9 of these were from the 2500 EDL supporters present, the rest were from the 1500 UAF thugs including Weyman Bennett, joint UAF secretary who has been charged with conspiracy to organise violent disorder (a riot) and Martin "Marxist" Smith of "Love Music, Hate Racism". Also, the "other" joint secretary, Dr Rhetta Morhan was also arrested, and bailed with the conditions not to attend any EDL or UAF demos until May 10th. That's 111 arrests in 2 "peaceful" demos for the "Great Unwashed" - UAF . And they want us banned? Priceless!

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